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Thompson Center® Maxi-Hunter™ Bullets - 275-350 Grain

Thompson Center® Maxi-Hunter™ Bullets - 275-350 Grain

20 Pack - Lubricated maxi hunter bullets
.50 Caliber, 275 to 350 Grain

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Grain: 275 Grain


The Thompson Center™ Maxi-Hunter bullet incorporates the features of the world famous Maxi-Ball of superb accuracy and easy loading, with the added benefit of maximum expansion on deer-size game. The significantly improved terminal ballistics for deer-size game has made the Maxi-Hunter bullet the primary choice for those who specifically concentrate on hunting special deer seasons. Thompson Center newly designed Maxi-Hunter™ bullets are pre-lubed with Natural Lube 1000 Plus Bore Butter™ that eliminates the need to wipe the bore clean between shots saving you time and energy.

For the ultimate knock-down power, superior accuracy, high muzzle velocity, and optimal expansion on deer-sized game, Thompson Center™ Maxi-Hunter bullets are a bargain for the price.


Bullet Weight
275 TO 350 GRAINS
Package Quantity


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Accurate and Consistent

Tested these from both a short barrel Frontier rifle as well as Kentucky Long rifle, both have slow rate of twist.

Easy to load, accurate at all test velocities. Used 60, 75, and 90 grains black powder.
The low velocity load had minimal expansion but excellent penetration. 75 grain load for deer sized game seems to have the best of both penetration and expansion.

Great bullets

These bullets are easy to load and fun to shoot. They are accurate and as advertised.

Walter B.
Excellent bullets!

I have a Traditions Deer Slayer I had been firing 250 grain sabot rounds on 90 grains of Pyrodex.
These held a decent shot group and it killed a big Axis doe easily.
On a whim I decided to get some of the Maxi Hunters and as it was a 275 grain bullet I loaded it on 100 grains of powder.
WOW, this load was stacking them.
And reloading was amazingly so much easier with the lubed bullets.
So range day today was win win with great accuracy AND easy reloading.
I doubt I will shoot anything else.
Now to field test them on freezer filler.
I would highly recommend these rounds.

charlie s.
southwest Oregon

seems to be a good bullet for deer easy load good accuracy

David L.
T/C maxi hunter bullets

Iv'e killed 3 deer with this bullet. One I shot at 70 yards and the bullet went threw his front and exited out his pooper! Deer was dead before the smoke cleared! The bore butter gets a little soft on warm days and hard on cold days, just like real butter, but doesn't seem to effect accuracy. I use a older C.V.A Mag Hunter with 90 gr. black powder, and the 275 gr. maxi Hunter. I'm upgrading my black powder gun soon and hope l still can use these. On the other 2 deer I shot I recovered the bullets and found awesome expansion. One bullet hit bone and split apart, but I think that made it more lethal. That deer only went 40 yards and pilled up!