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Thompson Center™ T17® Breech Plug Grease - 7491

Thompson Center™ T17® Breech Plug Grease - 7491

Designed specifically for muzzleloader breech plugs
Helps the plug to not bind or seize inside the barrel

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The Thompson Center™ T17® Breech Plug Grease is a synthetic-based lubricant that is able to withstand the high-explosive temperatures of your Muzzleloader. The Breech Plug Grease helps prevent fouling residue from binding, seizing or welding your breech plug to the barrel. The T/C® T17™ Grease also works well as a lubricant on nipples and shotgun choke tubes. The Thompson Center™ Breech Plug Grease comes in a 1/2 oz. tube with handy applicator tip.

***Always use caution when loading firearm


Tube Size
1/2 OZ. TUBE


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