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Thompson Center™ Clear U-View Powder Measure - 125 Grain Capacity

Thompson Center™ Clear U-View Powder Measure - 125 Grain Capacity

100% Adjustable u-view black powder measure
Loads up to 125 grains of loose powder or pyrodex

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The Thompson Center® Clear U-View™ universal powder measure makes loading your muzzleloader not only easy, but consistent as well. The durable, hard plastic construction allows you to visually see the exact level of powder in the tube. Plus the U-View™ design eliminates the guesswork of loading consistent charges with this handy, lightweight measure.

The measure includes a loading spout that swivels out of the way to fill the measure. Best of all, the measure's locking shaft cinches down to adjust to your individual powder needs. The Thompson Center® U-View™ Measure prevents pouring partial charges caused by powder bridging. The cylinder is graduated in increments of 5 from 15 grains and holds up to a maximum of 125 grains. 

***Always use caution when loading a firearm


Durable Composite Construction
Works With All Muzzleloaders
Adjustable Loads


Product Information

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Keith F.
Good product

I use 209 tubes in the field this measure I use to fill tubes nice way to double check.

Roger W.
Five Stars

Excellent black powder measure. Clear see thru is a big plus when measuring loads.

Michael C.B.
I like being able to see all the powder in the ...

I like being able to see all the powder in the measure. Visually makes sure that all loads are equivalent. Very rugged too.

Dave H.
I didn't expect this with the TC name on it

The one I received, from the local store, has a cloudy look that I was unable to wipe off. It appears to have a chemical on the rubber o-ring. After running a cleaning cloth through it several times I was unable to remove or even smear the cloudy material that lines the tube.
The graduation marks are a bit hard to read and need to be read prior to filling with powder. Not a big deal once the rod is locked in place allowing repeatability.
Now, I never did put any powder in the thing, can't say whether or not the powder would stick. That's were running a dryer sheet inside for a few strokes will help plastic and static issues.
I am returning this one.
This is a Battenfield Product from china