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Thor® Gun Maintenance Mat - TH1200

Thor® Gun Maintenance Mat - TH1200

by Thor

Thor gun maintenance mat
Perfect for assembling and disassembling firearms

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The Thor™ Gun Maintenance Mat features a firm, yet cushioned surface perfect for assembling and disassembling firearms (or lots of other hobbies!) for cleaning, maintenance and repair.

The molded compartments contain spills and keep small metal parts out of the way of the main work area while remaining handy and organized. The Thor™ Gun Maintenance Mat is chemical resistant and cleans with soap and water. Measures 16.9" x 10".

  • Chemical resistant
  • Made from synthetic rubber for a non-slip surface
  • Protects your gun's finish and your bench's finish
  • Moulded storage compartments keep parts secured and organized


16.9" X 10" MAT


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