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Thor® Pre-Soaked Solvent Cleaning Patches - 100 Pack - TH1801

Thor® Pre-Soaked Solvent Cleaning Patches - 100 Pack - TH1801

by Thor

Pre-soaked with non-toxic solvent (100 patches)
Great for cleaning at the range or at home

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The Thor™ Pre-Soaked Cleaning Patches are designed to keep you firearm in prime operating condition. These 2-inch round cleaning patches are designed for use in all .45 thru .54 caliber muzzleloaders. The pre-soaked patches make cleaning your muzzleloader barrel simple while effectively removing fouling and reducing overall cleaning time. 

Thor™ offers a series of solvents and rust preventatives specifically formulated for black powder firearms. The Thor™ solvents are some of the highest quality non-toxic solvents on the market today.

The Thor™ Muzzleloader Patches are pre-saturated with a water-based, non-toxic solvent and come ready-to-use in a re-sealable plastic jar. Use for quick, easy barrel cleaning at home or at the range, or take the patches with you for on-the-go cleaning to preserve the durability of your muzzleloader.


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