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Traditions® 209 Quick Loaders - 2 Pack - A1726

Traditions® 209 Quick Loaders - 2 Pack - A1726

.50 Caliber muzzleloader speed loaders
Magnum speed loaders hold up to 150-grains 

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Traditions™ 209 Quick Loaders are capable of holding a full magnum charge of three 50-grain black powder pellets or 150-grains, volumetrically measured, of loose powder. The quick loader is divided into two compartments allowing you to use either pelletized or loose powder in one end and placing the projectile of your choice in the other end. Each cap is equipped with a 209 capper pocket that can be used as a capper when loading the primer into the breech plug. For fast and convenient reloading of your muzzleloader Traditions™ 209 Quick Loaders will get the job done.       

***Always Use Caution When Loading A Firearm 


.50 Caliber