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Traditions® Accelerator™ Breech Plug - 209 Primers - A1443

Traditions® Accelerator™ Breech Plug - 209 Primers - A1443

Designed for use with Pyrodex®, loose & Blackhorn™ powders
Fits most .50 Caliber Traditions™ Inline Muzzleloaders

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The Traditions™ Accelerator 209 Breech Plug is designed to work with Pyrodex® pellets, loose powder and Blackhorn™ 209 powder. This breech plug replaces your inline breech plug for most Traditions™ inline muzzleloaders with a 209 primer ignition. 

The Traditions™ Accelerator™ Breech has a unique knurled head, which requires no tools and easily removes in just 3 full rotations. The Accelerator™ incorporates a built in 209 primer slot and the plug's flat face and heavy duty O-ring provide reliable ignition and reduced blow back. The Accelerator Breech Plug™ fits Pursuit™ II, Pursuit™ Ultralight, Vortek™, Vortek™ Ultralight, and Buckstalker™ Accelerator models.

*Always use caution when loading a firearm


.50 Caliber
Fits Most Traditions™ Inline Rifles
Fits Traditions Pursuit Models
Fits Traditions Vortek Models
Fits Traditions Buckstalker Models