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Traditions™ & CVA™ Flintlock Mainspring

Traditions™ & CVA™ Flintlock Mainspring

Replaces the mainspring in Traditions™ or CVA™ Sidelocks
Does not fit .32 Caliber Traditions Crockett Rifles

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Traditions™ Flintlock Mainspring is the universal mainspring replacement in Traditions™ and CVA™ sidelock and flintlock muzzleloader rifles. Made from steel, the mainspring powers the hammer by pressing against the tumbler and rotating the hammer with a great deal of force. The sear engages the tumbler when the gun is cocked while holding the force of the mainspring. When the trigger is pulled, it pushes the sear enough to release the tumbler, allowing the hammer to drive the flint forward.

It’s a good idea to carry an extra mainspring replacement part for your sidelock or flintlock in case you need it. The Traditions™ Flintlock Mainspring is compatible with all Traditions and CVA sidelock and flintlock muzzleloaders with the exception of the .32 Caliber Crockett Rifle. A mainspring vise is highly recommended for help with proper installation.


Fits Traditions Sidelocks
Fits CVA Sidelocks
Fits Traditions Crockett Rifle


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