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Traditions™ EZ-Clean® 2 Bore Solvent - 8 oz Tube - A1936

Traditions™ EZ-Clean® 2 Bore Solvent - 8 oz Tube - A1936

EZ-Clean™ 2 bore solvent (8 fluid ounces)
Great for cleaning at the range or at home

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The Traditions™ EZ Clean™ 2 Bore Solvent is designed to keep your muzzleloader in top condition. Designed for use in all muzzleloaders, the bore solvent makes cleaning your barrel simple while effectively removing fouling and reducing overall cleaning time.

The EZ Clean™ 2 Bore Solvent helps remove black powder, copper, brass and plastic sabot residue from your barrel. The solvent's advanced formula includes an added rust preventative, which helps protect against rust and weather while allowing for easier loading. Designed for quick, easy barrel cleaning at home, or take this bore cleaner with you for on-the-go cleaning to preserve the durability of your muzzleloader.

The Traditions™ EZ Clean 2 Solvent is designed to be used with a cleaning patch that is run up and down your barrel to remove fouling. The Bore Solvent comes in an 8 fluid ounce tube can that can easily fit into any range bag or waist pack.

***Always use caution when loading firearm