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Need Expert Advice? Give us a Call: (855) 236-5000

Traditions™ EZ-Clean® 2 Breech Plug & Small Parts Cleaner - Parts Soaker - A1939

EZ-Clean™ 2 small parts soaker cleaner
Great for cleaning breech plugs & small parts

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SKU A1939


The Traditions™ EZ Clean™ 2 Breech Plug & Small Parts Cleaner is designed to keep your firearm in premium condition. Designed for use with breech plugs, nipples and screws, the parts soaker makes cleaning your muzzleloader components simple while effectively removing fouling and reducing overall cleaning time.

The Traditions™ EZ Clean™ 2 Solvent is designed to remove carbon and plastic fouling from breech plugs and parts. Engineered for quick and easy use, Simply drop your breech plug into the solvent tray and close the lid. Shake for at least 30 seconds. Remove breech plug and dry thoroughly. Apply breech plug grease to the breech plug and put back into your muzzleloader.

Traditions™ Small Parts Cleaner features an advanced EZ Clean™ 2 formula that helps clean corrosive black powder, Blackhorn 209, Triple Seven, Pyrodex, and other black powder substitutes. The formula also has an added ingredient that helps protect against rust and weather while allowing easier loading. The EZ Clean™ 2 formula combines two steps into one.

***Always use caution when loading firearm