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Traditions™ Brass Gun Hangers

Traditions™ Brass Gun Hangers

Curved brass gun hangers with ornamental inlays
Hang your favorite muzzleloader above the fireplace in style

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The Traditions™ curved brass gun hangers come with felt lining to protect your rifle while on display and are easy to install. These hangers were designed to hang your favorite long rifle in style. Each hanger comes with two screws for attachment. The Traditions™ brass gun hangers are the perfect way to show off your favorite rifle.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
James L.
Look great

Bought 4 to hang a plus 200 year old Brown Bess musket and bayonet. These look and work great. I used mounting bolts in my application (display box). These are deep enough to hold anything! Like the look.

John Y.
Secure & Sturdy

I used these to put my Hawken .50 rifle on the wall, and it's secure and sturdy. I recommend these.

Forrest M.
Felt Padding is Nice!

These Brass long gun hangers come in pairs with felt stick-on padding (not noted in add), and look to be the equivalent of same item sold by Cabela's, but at a much better price. The set comes with screws, but comments from others indicate longer screws are needed to insure a secure attachment. Brass is strong enough for long guns, but can be "bent" (open more or closed more) for custom fit. Although intended for long guns, I am using these to hang/ display a collection of Bugles for which these hangers are ideally suited as well. (I keep my Long guns in a safe, but would use this item if I were going to display a rifle over my fireplace).

Dean H.
Smaller Screws

Small screws and I definitely need to go get some longer screws to make sure an early 1700 musket/long rifle stays in place. I like that the hooks are bendable to help keep it snugger in the hooks and will deter the grandson from just grabbing the rifle.

Brass PLATED hangers

I was hoping to age these to match my rifles natural patina. Nothing would tarnish the bright gold look. With steel wool I discovered a thin seal coat. After removing, I again attempted to age the brass but it almost instantly went shiny silver. The very thin brass layer vanished. If you want the gold look these are great, but will not age over time.