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Traditions™ Black Powder Revolver Loading Stand - A1309

Traditions™ Black Powder Revolver Loading Stand - A1309

Makes loading your black powder revolver cylinders easy
A must have for any black powder revolver shooter

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SKU A1309


The Traditions™ Loading Block Stand easily holds and loads the chambers of a revolver cylinder when removed from a blackpowder revolver firearm. The stand makes loading and pressing balls into the revolver more uniform, and is considerably easier and more convenient than loading from the revolver itself. Just brush off the excess lead shaving after pressing the ball in.

Fits Pietta Models 1851, 1860, 1873 Colts, and 1858 Remington in .44 caliber only. Does not fit .31 caliber or .50 caliber pistol cylinders. Traditions™ Revolver Loading Stand is durable, easy to use, performs well and is a great value for the price.


Fits .44 Caliber Cylinders
PIETTA MODELS 1851, 1860, 1873 & 1858
Fits .31 Caliber
Fits .50 Caliber


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