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Traditions™ Super Magnum Pellet Quick Loader - 2 Pack A1315

Traditions™ Super Magnum Pellet Quick Loader - 2 Pack A1315

.50 Caliber muzzleloader speed loaders
Includes 2 clear magnum sized loaders

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Traditions™ Super Magnum Pellet Quick Loader is an all-in-one loader and starter. The quick loader holds a magnum charge of three 50-grain Pyrodex® pellets in one end and your bullet in the other. The loader features quick release tops that can be used as a capper: one for #11 caps and the other for musket caps. This 2 pack of Super Magnum Loaders features clear plastic construction, which allows for easy and convenient powder measurement.



.50 Caliber


Customer Reviews

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Russell M.
Keeps everything together

Some muzzleloader hunters carry all sorts of things with them. I just carry a few of these. Each holds powder (which much be loose, not pellets, in Colorado), projectile & primer. It has a little starter on it, which works fine for me. These are very well sealed when closed -- I just used them during a period of very heavy rain with no problems.

The only weird thing is that the lines for measuring powder are not accurate at all. They are not even close to being evenly spaced. You can actually see this in the picture. This doesn't really affect me, as I just fill them to the same line every time. In comparing to what I think is an accurate volumetric powder measure, I fill a little above 100 to get 100 volumetric grains of powder.

Bottom line: I just got a deer with one shot on a rainy day using a load from one of these.