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Traditions™ Muzzleloader Patch Puller - .45 & .50 Caliber

Traditions™ Muzzleloader Patch Puller - .45 & .50 Caliber

Perfect for all traditional sidelock muzzleloaders
Removes stuck cleaning and shooting patches

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The Traditions™ Muzzleloader Patch Puller is manufactured from brass with stainless steel tines designed to remove those hard-to-get cleaning patches from your barrel. The patch puller attachment is fitted with 10-32 threads to fit almost any ramrod easily. 

Simply attach the patch puller to your ramrod and slide it down your barrel. With a little twist at the bottom, the patch puller will firmly grip the lost or stuck cleaning patch, promptly freeing your bore. The patch puller will make cleaning your traditional muzzleloader easier and help keep your muzzleloader in tip-top shape. The Traditions Patch Puller is one tool no hunter should be without.


Fits Caliber
.45 & .50 CALIBER


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