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Traditions™ Kentucky Rifle - .50 Cal Percussion - R2020

Traditions™ Kentucky Rifle - .50 Cal Percussion - R2020

The Traditions™ Kentucky Rifle features a single trigger percussion ignition and fixed blade sights. These blade sights give the rifle its dependable accuracy. The rifle’s full-length two-piece walnut stock is accented by beautiful inlaid brass furniture. 

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The Traditions™ Percussion Kentucky Rifle is a beautifully crafted modified replica of one of America’s most iconic muzzleloading rifles. The original Kentucky Rifle featured a flintlock ignition, however, this variation of the rifle features a percussion ignition for easier use out in the field. The rifle that would become known as the “Kentucky Rifle” was first crafted during 1730 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and saw use by hunters and frontiersmen for decades. The Kentucky Rifle would even see use during combat throughout the French and Indian War as well as the American Revolutionary War. The Kentucky Rifle was one of the first commonly used rifles in America during the mid to late 1700s and is one of the most popular reproduction rifles in circulation today.

Traditions has crafted the Percussion Kentucky Rifle to be an accurate representation of the classic rifle and have integrated key features and upgrades to enhance the utility and performance of the muzzleloader for hunters and shooters alike.

Beginning with the stock the Kentucky Rifle features a beautiful hardwood, walnut stained and finished, two-piece stock. The furniture on the stock is composed completely of brass including the nose plate, ramrod barrels, stock connecting plate, trigger guard, and butt plate. The brass furniture in tandem with the walnut stock gives the rifle a classic historical look that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional for use in the field.

The .50 caliber barrel of the rifle measures 33.5 inches and is composed of carbon steel that has been blued to protect the exterior of the barrel from rust and corrosion. The rifling is set at a 1:66 twist rate that is ideally suited for shooting .50 caliber patched lead round balls and offers great accuracy out to 100 yards.

In addition to the great features already listed the Traditions™ Percussion Kentucky Rifle features a case hardened percussion ignition assembly, authentic wooden ramrod, and fixed blade iron sights.

The Kentucky Rifle created a lasting legacy of dependability and accuracy that has been passed down throughout the generations and continues to this day in the Traditions™ Kentucky Rifles. Own your own piece of American history by adding the Kentucky Rifle to your collection today.


Rifle Stock
Overall Length  49" OVERALL LENGTH
Twist Rate
Authentic Wooden Ramrod
Traditions Lifetime Warranty


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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
b (Sugar Grove, IL)
Fun project and nice kit for the money

I bought this kit for a winter project. Well two years later I got busy and finished it. Just too my time and fit the wood to all the metal parts. Measured three time and drilled once for the pins that hold the fore arm pinned to the barrel. Sanded the wood to match the brass and brass to match the wood. Then put a hi luster polish on the brass. Stained the wood with two colors of walnut to make it look more like walnut and finished with many coats of TruOil . Browned the barrel the Burchwood Browning. The brass piece that secures the front of the forearm fit like crap and took some work to relocate the mounting holes. Other wise a fun project and really didn't take that much time. I was actually impressed how adjustable the double set trigger is. I finally was able to find some percussion caps, so now we can see how it shoots.

The biggest problem…

The biggest problem is the trigger guard. It has a small hook for it pinky or ring finger and every time you fire the rifle it digs into your finger and is painful. 5 minutes on the grinder and some polishing and the little hook is gone and the rifle is now perfectly comfortable to shoot.

Otherwise it’s great rifle, accurate, well balanced, fun to shoot.

Dirty H.
Very accurate

This is most likely the most accurate muzzleloader you can purchase for the price. You could spend up to $2500.00 finding the accuracy this gun has to offer. Started with a 60 grain load of Goex FFg and worked my way up to 85 grains for a very accurate hunting load. During the test loads I was able to connect them at 50 yards with all charges in 5 grain increments. It did not care how much powder I used the only change was as the charge went up, so did the elevation which is what you want. Only had to adjust the rear sight with a brass drift. Wish this review allowed photos to show my test and final pattern.

Jimmie D.
Great Rifle

First off, great price and fast delivery from Muzzle-Loaders, thanks!

Rifle fit and finish are really good for a prebuilt rifle in this price range. Not quite the wall hanger "look at my antique" heirloom quality, if you want that, then get the kit and do it yourself! Easy to clean, instructions weak (but Traditions does have a YouTube channel), plus it shot well out of the box. No sight adjustments were necessary for me, at 100 yards consistent 2" group with 70 gr of 2f.

Spot On

Ordered this on a Sunday night and it was in my hands Wednesday. Price was great, 80$ cheaper than the big outdoor store(s). Out of the box it was accurate. Great gun. Instructions are a little fuzzy in areas but all in all I'm happy. I was after a functional side hammer for traditional hunting, and this nailed it. If the boss would let me I'd get another.