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Traditions™ Mini Napoleon III Cannon Kit - KCN8021

Traditions™ Mini Napoleon III Cannon Kit - KCN8021

.50 caliber cannon kit with 7.25" nickel barrel
6.5" tall with 6" wheel diameter, weighs 3 pounds

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$309.00 - $309.00
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SKU KCN-8021


The Traditions™ Mini Napoleon III Cannon Kit features a stunning cannon reminiscent of those used by the North and South Armies during the Civil War that accounted for 40% of the Union and Confederate Artillery. Featuring a nickel barrel and metal-rimmed wheels for durable, extensive use, this cannon is fully operational and completely accurate in scale in its superb detail and design. The Mini Napoleon Cannon comes with .50 caliber 7.25 ” barrel package with authentic accessories. The mini cannons wheels are 6” in diameter, with overall length at 13.25” and weighing in at only 3 pounds. The cannon carriage is moveable and made of select hardwood, plus this showcase cannon can easily be built ready to fire or display. Schematics and written instructions are included.

Whether you are a military historian or ex-servicemen, you can be proud to own your miniature scale replica cannon. This historical classic cannon is perfect for shooting round balls accurately, and is sure to be a great conversation piece and attention grabber in your home or office.


Cannon Construction
Cannon Caliber
Barrel Length
7.25" BARREL
Wheel Diameter
Overall Length
13.25" OAL
Overall Weight