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Traditions™ Mini Napoleon Cannon - Nickel CN8021

Traditions™ Mini Napoleon Cannon - Nickel CN8021

.50 caliber cannon with 7.25" nickel barrel
6.5" tall with 6" wheel diameter, weighs 3 pounds

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Traditions™ Mini Napoleon Cannon is a stunning cannon reminiscent of those used by the North and South Armies during the Civil War. Featuring a nickel barrel and metal-rimmed wheels, the cannon is fully operational and totally accurate in scale in its superb detail and design. The mini cannon comes with .50 caliber 7.25 ” barrel package with authentic accessories. The mini cannons wheels are 6” in diameter, with overall length at 13.25” and weighing in at only 3 pounds. The cannon carriage is made of select hardwood, plus this showcase cannon has nickel plating and comes ready to display or fire.

Whether you are a military historian or ex-servicemen, you can be proud to own your minature scale replica cannon. This historical classic cannon is perfect for shooting round balls accurately, and is sure to be a great conversation piece and attention grabber in your home.


Cannon Construction
Cannon Caliber
Barrel Length
7.25" BARREL
Wheel Diameter
Overall Length
13.25" OAL
Overall Weight