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Need Expert Advice? Give us a Call: (855) 236-5000

TriggerTech® Remington 700 Special - W/ Bolt Release - Curved Lever - 1.0 to 3.5lb Pull Weight - Remington 700 UML - R70-SBS-13-TBC

TriggerTech® trigger for Remington 700 actions
Fits Remington 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader rifle

Original price $199.00 - Original price $199.00
Original price
$199.00 - $199.00
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TriggerTech® Special model triggers are known for exceptional quality, precision and performance enhancing accuracy and precision for any rifle. This particular model is designed to fit Remington 700 bolt action rifles. It is important to note that this model does not work with cloned Remington 700 actions, it will only work with true Remington 700 actions.

To ensure their triggers perform flawlessly TriggerTech® utilizes CLKR Technology™ in this trigger as well as employing further hand refinements to ensure that the pull weight on the Special trigger models adjusts quickly and accurately within the 1.0 to 3.5 lbs range. This trigger is able to adjust in approximately 1 oz increments by using the externally accessible set screw.

When it comes to trigger pull every hunter and shooter understands that having a crisp, clean break without creep is vitally important for maintaining precision and accuracy. TriggerTech triggers offer some of the best performance on the market in this area, in fact their triggers are so crisp that most shooters have reported feeling around half a pound lighter trigger pull weights than with friction based triggers. Utilizing Frictionless Release Technology™ along with 440C stainless steel internal components you can be assured that your new trigger will not only perform flawlessly, but it will also enjoy an extended service time compared to other triggers on the market.

To install the TriggerTech Special model triggers, TriggerTech makes it easy. These triggers are designed to drop into your rifles action with minimal effort, making the exchanged easy and fast.

 ***Fits Remington 700 UML 



Pull Weight
1 TO 3.5 LBS
Bolt Release
Adjustment Sensitivity
Overtravel SUB 0.015"
Trigger Action SINGLE STAGE
Weapon Platform REMINGTON 700