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Williams™ Western Precision Muzzleloading Sight Set - Fiber Optic Insert - Red - 647510

Williams™ Western Precision Muzzleloading Sight Set - Fiber Optic Insert - Red - 647510

Includes just the fiber optic insert
Made in the USA - machined aluminum, rustproof insert

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$14.00 - $14.00
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SKU 647510


The Williams Western Precision Muzzleloading Sight insert will work in all of the Williams Western Precision Globe Sights. This particular model features a highly visible red fiber optic cord that has been kept very small in diameter to allow for better target acquisition at longer ranges. Along with better target acquisition, the fiber optic is much easier to see than standard inserts and is highly beneficial in low-light situations.

Built with the hunter in mind this sight insert is a result of many requests by hunters in western states and is designed to offer greater versatility with the Williams Western Precision Sight Set system.


Fits Williams Globe Sight


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great for long range

Excellent long yardage sight set up.

Works, but

It works, but in low light it doesn't gather enough light to see the red dot very well. I read another review where the owner drilled more holes into the globe to let in more light. If this is the norm new buyers should be made aware of it. Also the walls on the insert are slot thicker, when you tighten down the lock ring it doesn't go all the way in. You should also be made aware of if you screwed it down to tight you could break the sight.

John Kiely
Gives you options depending on conditions

I have the green and the red insert. The green offers maximum low-light transmission hands down, even after the sun has set but there is still some light, or in the morning before the sun has come up but the sky is starting to lighten. A dark, cloudy, rainy day will not stop the green sight from being visible. Even if you are color blind, have cataracts, or retinal degeneration, you will see a bright dot.

However, if you are hunting in the snow, or on a brighter day, or are light sensitive, the red is a better choice but will not transmit nearly the amount of light that the green does. Honestly, the green can almost be too bright on some days. I am 57 and and have swapped back and forth several times, I use the green the most because of its light transmission abilities, except when hunting in the snow.

I recommend having both so you have the option of switch for conditions and they are manufactured with the same dimensions, so there is no point of impact shift when swapping inserts.

Old guy help

I removed green & changed to red for front globe sight , I use green ghost ring for rear sight .
Excellent help for this old guy ! !

Brad & Debbie Harrington

i bought green and red inserts both great products my old eyes prefer red