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Williams™ FP-Hawken Peep Sight - Fits T/C Hawken & Renegade

Williams™ FP-Hawken Peep Sight - Fits T/C Hawken & Renegade

Peep sights fit T/C Hawken & Renegade muzzleloader rifles
Made in the USA - machined aluminum, rustproof peep sights

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The Williams™ FP-Hawken metal peep sight is fabricated for use on the T/C® Hawken and Renegade rifles. The perfect compliment to traditional Thompson Center™ rifles, the durable, low profile, rustproof peep sight is lightweight, yet built to stand up in the toughest weather conditions. 

Easy to mount to your rifle barrel with just two screws, the Williams™ FP-Hawken sight is machined from durable, lightweight aluminum and feature positive wind and elevation locks. Will fit pre-1991 Thompson/Center Hawken and Renegade Muzzleloader rifles. It is necessary to drill and tap one hole on models that factory discontinued drilling.

***Williams® Sights are fabricated from durable CNC machined metal.


Fits T/C Hawken
Fits Traditions Hawken
Fits T/C Renegade


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Williams™ FP-Hawken Peep Sight - Fits T/C Hawken & Renegade

I bought this from and it arrived quickly. It installed easily. I have heard some have had to make some adjustments when mounting it but I did not. Only had to adjust for sighting in. I am happy with the purchase and awaiting restocking to buy another.

John Ryce
Great sight for T/C Hawken/Renegade

Bought to install on T/C Hawken as I have one on my other T/C's. Installation is pretty straightforward requiring 1 hole to be drilled and tapped in tang. The 2 screws holding sight to base needed a couple threads filed off to set flush on tang. Removed elevation screw and installed Williams FP Gib Lock screw sold separately to make hight adjustments quicker and easier. Once sighted in and locked down its extremely rigid and quick to move when needed. Could only find through Muzzle Great service and quick shipping.

Made well

This sight fit pretty well did not have to do much to get a good fit. I like the way i can see what i am shooting at, although the stock front sights are a little low and i will probably replace them for my own benefit. This sight is made well and i like the way it adjusts, read directions, most guys don,t like to myself included. Took a long time to get here, the price was good and there does not seem to be a lot of choices out there for a peep site. Thanks

Ed Carneal
Quality sight with a few adjustments...

Like someone stated above, the screw provided for the forward mounting hole was just a tad too large in diameter. Luckily, I found one in my stash that fit. Also, the two base mounting screws did stick out a tiny bit at the bottom of the base which does not allow the base to fit flat on the gun. I ground the end of the screws off very carefully and it fit fine. My Renegade is an 80's model, so I didn't have to drill and tap anything.

Peep sight

I love this peep sight. It is just right for my old eyes. I can now hit a bullseye at 100 yards that I could not see with open sights.