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Testing the Traditions™ Buckstalker XT

Testing the Traditions™ Buckstalker XT

It's time to do some load development with the Traditions Buckstalker XT! 

We have been itching to get some rounds down range with the Buckstalker XT and the time has finally arrived! For this test, we used 100 grains of IMR White Hots Pellets with a variety of our most Popular bullets including PowerBelt AeroLites and Barnes SpitFire T-EZs. The Traditions Buckstalker has been one of the top entry level muzzleloaders on the market for a very long time. Now, Traditions has added the XT trigger to the Buckstalker for increased precision. We are very impressed with the XT trigger. In our opinion it is comparable to triggers in muzzleloaders that are twice the price of the Traditions Buckstalker XT. I hope that you enjoy this load test and feel free to give us a call at 855-236-5000 or send us an email at with any questions!


Traditions Buckstalker XT:

Hornady SST:

PowerBelt AeroLites:

Thor Lightning:

Traditions Smackdown Carnivore:

Barnes SpitFire T-EZs:

IMR White Hots Pellets:

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