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Muzzle-Loaders Leather Capper - 12 Cap Capacity

Muzzle-Loaders Leather Capper - 12 Cap Capacity

12 Cap Capacity
Ideally suited for #11 percussion caps

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The Muzzle-Loaders Leather Capper is crafted from high-quality leather and designed to be economical.

With a capacity of 12 caps on each side, this capper ensures you'll have an ample supply of percussion caps on hand for use in the field or at the range. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry in your pocket or pouch, allowing for quick and convenient access whenever you need to reload your muzzleloader.

Designed with the needs of muzzleloader hunter and shooter in mind, this capper features a user-friendly design that simplifies the reloading process.

This leather capper is hand crafted in the United States by October Country Muzzleloading.


Designed For
#11 CAPS


Customer Reviews

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Garry S. (Mesquite, TX)
Leather Capper problems

I use homemade .004 brass #11 caps, mostly on my .50 CVA Hawkin with an L&R upgraded lock. I also have Colt .36 Navy and .44 Army RAGs. This capper will not work at all on the revolvers as there is no space to insert the cap on a revolver nipple. As it comes, the capper holes are just right for a #11 CCI cap, but I had to use my drill to enlarge each of the holes to allow my homemade caps to be inserted. It now holds them well. With 24 loaded this capper will let a cap be inserted on my Hawkin nipples but is removed still in the leather when pulled off. I can bend the two leathers to place a pointed object on top of the cap to keep it on while the capper is removed, but every other cap fails to fire because all the twisting of the cap getting it off loosens the primer material from inside the cap. I plan to only load 12 caps and align the holes so I can place something on top of inserted caps to keep them on when the capper is removed the next time I go to the range to see if that works, and may separated the two leather pieces to make ti easier to do that. It holds the caps in the leather well, just needs a better way to get them to stay on the nipples when the leather is removed.