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Using a LabRadar Chronograph with a Muzzleloader

Using a Chronograph with a Muzzleloader

There are a few things that you should be aware of before using a chronograph with a muzzleloader.

Chronographs are typically designed with centerfire cartridges in mind which makes it a little tricky if you are trying to chronograph your muzzleloader. Most chronographs struggle to accurately measure the velocities of any saboted bullet. There are some chronographs like the LabRadar that excel at this specific task. Another difficulty that you will face with standard shadow-based chronographs is that muzzleloaders produce a significant amount of smoke that will obscure the shadows making it difficult to obtain an accurate reading. All this info and much more can be found in episode 33 of our muzzleloaders podcast on muzzleloader load development.


Catch the full episode here:

Episode 33 - Muzzleloader Load Development

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