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Best Prices, Fast Shipping & Expert Advice!
Muzzleloader FFL Transfers? Are they required? How do they Work?

Muzzleloader FFL Transfers? Are they required? How do they Work?

Buying a muzzleloader online that requires an FFL transfer can seem daunting but it is actually very simple!

Our team has received a lot of questions with regard to the muzzleloader FFL transfer process so we created this video to help you understand this process a little bit better. In this video you will learn everything that you need to do to make sure that your FFL transfer goes smoothly and you receive your muzzleloader in time for your next hunt!

If you have any other questions regarding muzzleloader FFL transfers then please give our customer service team a call at 1-855-236-5000 or you can send us an email at We will also include step-by-step instructions for FFL transfers below. 


FFL Transfer Instructions:

Step 1: Locate an FFL dealer
Contact a licensed Federal Firearms dealer of your choice who is willing to complete the transfer. If you cannot locate an FFL dealer in your area, please contact us.

Step 2: FFL Information Needed
The FFL dealer is required to email or fax us a copy of their Federal Firearms License before we can release the firearm for shipment. Please have the dealer fax the paperwork to us at 541-516-8600, or email it to
Step 3: Shipping
After the necessary paperwork is received, your muzzleloader will ship directly to the FFL dealer. You will receive a tracking number via email to track the shipment status in route to the FFL dealer. Once the package arrives at the FFL dealer, you will receive a delivery confirmation email.

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