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Traditions™ Vortek LDR Velocity Testing Range Day

The Traditions Vortek LDR muzzleloader is the top of the line model from Traditions and boasts a 300-yard shooting capability by providing better velocity through its 30" Nitride-treated Chromoly steel barrel. has taken the Vortek LDR muzzleloader through an extensive day at the range to test different black powder combinations to achieve the best velocity.  

The Traditions Vortek LDR velocity data was compiled with a PowerBelt AeroLite Bullet.

The six different types of powder that were tested include Pyrodex Select RS, Triple Seven FFG, Triple Seven Magnum Pellets, Triple Seven Pellets, Hodgdon FireStar Pellets, and IMR White Hots Pellets. Blackhorn 209 data has not been compiled at this time and we are in the process of getting that load data. As soon as Blackhorn 209 has been thoroughly tested in the Vortek LDR, we will update this article with the appropriate info. The Traditions Vortek LDR was cleaned after every shot to maintain consistency with velocity testing.

The bullet of choice in this range day powder test was the PowerBelt AeroLite 250-grain bullet. The Traditions Vortek LDR was cleaned after every shot to ensure consistency with velocity readings. Every shot was recorded with a high-quality chronograph and compiled accordingly. Keep in mind that the velocity was the only stat being recorded, and so accuracy will not be calculated in this article.

Blackhorn 209 velocity data is on the way! Keep an eye out on this article to see the Blackhorn 209 data in the near future!

Type of Black Powder Average Velocity
Pyrodex Select RS Loose Powder 2069 fps
Hodgdon FireStar Pellets 2025 fps
Triple Seven FFG Loose Powder 2006 fps
IMR White Hots Pellets 1897 fps
Triple Seven Pellets 1861 fps
Triple Seven Magnum Pellets 1782 fps


Results and Conclusion

The highest velocity powder was achieved by Pyrodex Select RS at 2069 fps, followed closely by Hodgdon FireStar pellets at 2025. Triple 7 FFG kept its head above the two thousand mark, achieving an average velocity of 2006 fps. 

The New Hodgdon FireStar Pellets continue to fly out of the gate to give excellent velocity. Keep in mind that the FireStar Pellets can be loaded in five pellet increments as they are manufactured in 33-grain increments. used the full five pellet load as per manufacturer recommendation and achieved great results.  

The lowest velocity powder was the Triple Seven Magnum Pellets at 1782 fps. The Triple Seven Magnum Pellets come in 60-grain pellets and only two should be loaded into the muzzleloader at one time. The 120-grain load would be about 30 grains less than a full magnum load, which could attribute to the slightly slower velocity. Triple Seven also makes a 50/30 pellet which would pair great with the Magnum Pellets. This would allow the load to reach the full 150-grain magnum load and would more than likely boost the velocity. 

While the IMR White Hots Pellets did not achieve the fastest velocity out of the tests, it was proven to be the cleanest pelletized powder that we tested. I would recommend the IMR White Hots for the hunter who wants to spend less time cleaning and more time shooting.

If you have any questions concerning the results of the Traditions Vortek LDR velocity test, please contact our knowledgeable customer service representatives at 1-855-236-5000 or send an email to

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