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Where is the Traditions NitroFire Legal? Where is the Traditions NitroFire Legal? > Where is the Traditions NitroFire Legal?

Where is the Traditions NitroFire Legal?

This article gives you the latest information on the legality of the Tradtions™ NitroFire Muzzleloader and the Federal™ Firestick ignition system. See if the NitroFire is legal in your State in the map below:

Can the FireStick system be used during my state’s muzzleloader season?

Traditions and Federal are working hard on State's acceptance of FireStick use during dedicated muzzleloading seasons. The map below shows where Traditions currently interprets the FireStick ignition to be legal for muzzleloading season use. The map will be updated in real-time as more states come on board. COVID-19 has caused delays in regulation changes as states respond to the pandemic and the resulting increase in hunting and fishing participation.


Map Key:

Green: FireStick is legal for dedicated muzzleloading season use according to each states most recent hunting regulations.

Purple: This state is reviewing its regulations to create clarification around FireStick ignition. At the time of publication, no update was available. Please contact your state for clarification.

White: FireStick is not listed as a legal ignition system for the muzzleloader season in this state.

Where Is the Traditions NitroFire Legal?

**This graphic should be used for general guidance only. Always check local regulations and contact your game and fish department to confirm for your area.

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