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CVA Accura MR Realtree™ Original Camo CVA Accura MR Realtree™ Original Camo > CVA Accura MR Realtree™ Original Camo

CVA Accura MR Realtree™ Original Camo

CVA Accura MR in Realtree™ Original Camo

CVA® and have teamed up to bring you an exclusive rifle for 2017! The CVA Accura MR, one of CVA's most popular models is now available in Realtree™ Original camo.

CVA Accura MR - Realtree™ Original

The CVA® Accura MR rifle in Realtree™ Original Camo is a new take on CVA's top-of-the-line muzzleloader. This rifle offers a higher level of performance and more specialized features than other CVA muzzleloader.

The Original™ Camo Accura MR Nitride model provides a level of accuracy performance that is unequaled by any muzzleloader on the market today – due to its custom, premium quality, Bergara barrel. Bergara barrels, are made from high-quality 416-grade stainless steel, have quickly become recognized as the most accurate production barrels in the world. And while many of the world's most highly regarded center-fire manufacturers use Bergara barrels on their guns, only CVA offers them in a muzzleloader.

The Accura MR™ Nitride rifle features a nitride treated barrel that's meant to take mountain rifle to a new level—making it the closest thing to a “corrosion-proof” muzzleloader that has ever been developed. The technique used to treat the barrels is known as Salt Bath Nitride. Already used in military applications, the nitride process hardens the outer layer of steel, making it more durable and more corrosion resistant than chrome—which was previously the highest standard in bore toughening techniques. Unlike exterior ceramic coatings, the nitride process penetrates the outside and the inside of the barrel, and can withstand thousands of shots.


Custom Scope Packages

At we try hard to give you value for your dollar. We have put together several custom scope packages including the Accura MR Original with Nikon and Leupold rifle scopes. These scope packages come mounted bore-sighted with a scoped rifle case, ready to shoot right out of the box! Take a look at our custom packages here: CLICK HERE.

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