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CVA™ Introduces the Accura Plains Rifle CVA™ Introduces the Accura Plains Rifle > CVA™ Introduces the Accura Plains Rifle

CVA™ Introduces the Accura Plains Rifle

Each year, evaluates the muzzleloading market and provides you the consumer with the best and newest products in the industry. Many of the manufacturers build exceptional muzzleloaders, so many of the differences come down to personal opinion or feature differences.

CVA Accura PR - Plains Rifle

The CVA™ Accura Plains Rifle with Nitride is the newest addition to CVA’s family of premium muzzleloading rifles. The Plains rifle is a redesign of the ultra-popular Accura MR (Mountain Rifle). The most significant upgrade is that the plains rifle features a 28" nitride coated stainless steel barrel. This longer barrel enables the Plains Rifle to generate greater muzzle velocity, which in turn, allows the shooter greater distance and accuracy.

The Accura Plains Rifle comes standard with all of the features of it's predecessor, the Accura MR rifle. The Plains Rifle is available in a scope mount version or a package with your favorite rifle scope.

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Overall, it is hard not to be impressed with the technology displayed in the muzzleloading market. No matter the budget or hunting situation, there is now a muzzleloader to suit every hunter. For information on what muzzleloaders are new for 2017, CLICK HERE.

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