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Press Release - CVA Ramrod Design Change - Female Thread Update Press Release - CVA Ramrod Design Change - Female Thread Update > Press Release - CVA Ramrod Design Change - Female Thread Update

Press Release - CVA Ramrod Design Change - Female Thread Update

CVA Ramrod Design Change - Female Thread Update

The new CVA PalmSaver ramrods (as of 2022) no longer have a female threaded end on the loading end. The ramrods included with the muzzleloaders also no longer come with an extension jag, although this may still stated in the original muzzleloader manual.

This is an intentional redesign from CVA, as the female threads had the tendency to 'pull' out the bullet after it was seated, but only in the event that you weren't using a loading jag. Due to this, they have changed it to have a 'built-in' loading contour that allows you to push down muzzleloader bullets including the new PowerBelt ELR bullets, without the 'threads' pulling the bullet back out.

There is a female thread on the 'male' PalmSaver attachment. However, this also means that you will no longer able to install a loading jag and the PalmSaver attachment at the same time.

The bottom line, the new CVA ramrod change is not a defect as this design change was intentional. All of the CVA ramrods going forward, for all rifle models, will no longer have threads on both ends. 

We do understand that this has created some confusion among our customer base who have purchased new CVA products. We are also now carrying an alternative replacement ramrod with the original OEM design with female 10/32" threads on both ends. Keep in mind that the replacement rods do not come with the PalmSaver or loading jag, but are able to accept both. Please click the image below for our full line up of replacement ramrods.

CVA Replacement Ramrod 

It may be beneficial to have a range rod or other sturdy rod to use while at the range or when cleaning your muzzleloader. The intention for the under mount rod is to be available for a 'second chance' hunting scenario where you don't have as much time to get a jag and range rod ready to load. If you are finding that this rod is too short for most of your needs, then a second range rod might be a good option to have for the more rigorous cleaning and loading methods.

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