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SHOT Show 2019: CVA® Paramount™ Rifle SHOT Show 2019: CVA® Paramount™ Rifle > SHOT Show 2019: CVA® Paramount™ Rifle

SHOT Show 2019: CVA® Paramount™ Rifle

New for 2019, CVA has debuted the CVA Paramount Long-Range Muzzleloader at SHOT Show 2019! The new Paramount Rifle is capable of shooting out to 400 yards and is built on a Bergara HMR stock on the Remington 700 footprint. This muzzleloader is packed full of premium features to ensure accurate shots past 300 yards, which include the VariFlame ignition system, the Bergara HMR stock, and a proprietary action. The best part is that this muzzleloader does not require an FFL transfer and does not require a 4473! 

The CVA Paramount is equipped with many new features that allow it to reach out to ranges never before seen in a black powder muzzleloader. The .45 caliber Bergara barrel is made from 416 stainless steel and has been Nitride-treated to protect the inside and the outside of the barrel. The Paramount barrel features a faster 1:22' twist rate, which is designed to shoot the new PowerBelt ELR .45 caliber bullets more efficiently and accurately past 300 yards. The PowerBelt ELR (Extended Long Range) bullet is longer and heavier, providing a higher ballistic coefficient as well as allowing the bullet to leave the barrel at over 2,200 fps!

PowerBelt ELR Bullets
To help find the most successful combination for the Paramount, CVA teamed up with Michael McMichaels of PowerBelt bullets to create the new PowerBelt ELR bullet. The 280-grain bullet offers a BC of .452, which is a lot higher than other projectiles on the market and will drop deer and elk sized game at extended ranges.

For more information on the new PowerBelt® ELR™ bullet, CLICK HERE!   

CVA has implemented the VariFlame ignition system in the Paramount Muzzleloader for a hotter, faster, and more consistent powder burn. Stepping away from the standard 209 primer ignition, the VariFlame system allows the use for a Large Rifle Primer. Due to this change, the Paramount is now capable of shooting up to 140 grains of Blackhorn 209, which has never been seen before in a CVA muzzleloader. The VariFlame ignition uses small VariFlame adapters that the large rifle primer mounts into. The VariFlame breechplug creates a tight seal due to the new CVA patented self-headspacing bolt and creates a superior gas seal for maximum accuracy.  Every Paramount Rifle will come equipped with 10 VariFlame adapters as well as a special tool that helps with the removal of spent primers from the VariFlame adapters. 

The Bergara HMR stock is what brings the barrel and the ignition system together, giving the Paramount Rifle a professional long-range platform. An aluminum mini chassis runs along the hand grip to the fore end, which provides better support to the Paramount action. The HMR stock offers easy adjustments for length of pull and cheek height, which personalizes the feel for each shooter. The stock has a small floor plate that holds four VariFlame adapters for quick access and also has two swing swivels can be used for a bipod or conventional rifle slings. 

The Paramount does not have a traditional ramrod and the ramrod is not held on the underside of the barrel, as seen with the 209 muzzleloaders presented by CVA. A quick-deployable ramrod was created for a compact, easy storing ramrod that sits in a Molle pouch that fits on a sling or belt. The quick-deployable ramrod is very reminiscent to a tent pole design, being made up of four segments that quickly connect together. This quick-deployable ramrod is not used as a cleaning rod, and a solid aluminum ramrod will also be included with the CVA Paramount Muzzleloader.

CVA Paramount Collapsible Ramrod

CVA is serious about investing in the muzzleloading market and the CVA Paramount is proof that CVA is listening to their customers and providing exactly what is wanted in a modern muzzleloader. Every Paramount will ship with a pack of 15 PowerBelt ELR bullets, 10 VariFlame Adapters, re-priming tools for loading and unloading VariFlames, collapsible self-deploying ramrod with molle pouch, solid aluminum range rod, .45 caliber brass cleaning jag, and a Quake Flush Cup Sling.  

For information on where to order the new CVA Paramount Muzzleloader, CLICK HERE! 

CVA Paramount Rifle is your #1 source for all new CVA products, especially the new CVA Paramount Long-Range Muzzleloader. Keep checking back for more information and feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable customer service team at 855 236 5000 for more information!

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