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SHOT Show 2019: CVA SHOT Show 2019: CVA > SHOT Show 2019: CVA

SHOT Show 2019: CVA


CVA has brought a lot to the table at SHOT Show 2019 and is proud to present the new models for the new year! The popular CVA Accura V2 (PR3122SN & PR3125N) have been updated to reflect the new Realtree Edge camo on the stocks as well as the Quake Claw Slings, which has replaced the Realtree APG camo. Two other brand new models released for 2019 include the CVA Accura V2 LR in .45 Caliber and the CVA Paramount Rifle!  

CVA Accura V2 LR .45 Caliber

The CVA® Accura™ V2 LR .45 Caliber was among the new lineup from CVA and one of the first .45 caliber muzzleloaders from CVA in many years. As the market has been geared towards .50 caliber setups in recent years, it was great to see the new caliber presented in a popular model such as the Accura V2 LR.

The Accura™ V2 LR boasts a 30" nitride coated barrel, which can shoot out to 300 yards while maintaining great velocity. The barrel also sports a new 1:22" twist rate, which is designed to shoot .45 caliber bullets more effectively by giving them a faster spin. The new Accura LR is designed to work with the new PowerBelt ELR muzzleloader bullet. The rifle is also equipped with a Quake® Claw™ Rifle Sling as well as a Durasight® One-Piece DEAD ON™ Scope mount. For more information on the CVA Accura V2 LR .45 caliber, CLICK HERE! 

CVA Accura V2 LR .45

CVA Paramount Rifle

The CVA Paramount Rifle was a crowd favorite as CVA introduces a new bolt-action, long range muzzleloader that is built on an HMR stock configuration while emulating the Remington 700 short-action footprint. The Paramount features a .45 Caliber barrel with a 1:22" twist and will also use the new PowerBelt ELR bullet, meant to shoot out to 400 yards!

The new VariFlame™ ignition system uses a large rifle primer which provides greater performance by providing consistent velocities. The average muzzle velocity of the Paramount Rifle is at 2250 FPS and this can be achieved by using 140 grains of Blackhorn 209 and the PowerBelt ELR Bullet. The VariFlame Breechplug creates a tight seal due to the new CVA patented self-headspacing bolt and creates a superior gas seal for maximum accuracy. 

Every CVA Paramount rifle ships with 15 PowerBelt ELR bullets, 20 VariFlame Adapters, a VariFlame re-priming tool, breech plug wrench, fast-deploying ramrod, solid aluminum cleaning rod, a Quake Sling with flush-cup mounts, and a premium soft case.

For more information on the CVA Paramount Rifle, CLICK HERE! 

CVA Paramount Rifle


Both of these new muzzleloaders are due to be available around April 2019! Keep an eye out on for updates on when they are going to be in stock! 

Along with the new items, the other rifles that were on display were the popular CVA Wolf, CVA Optima, and CVA Accura models. With the Accura V2 Plains Rifle (PR) being released last year in 2018, these staple models have stood the test of time and have held true to CVA's top quality. We are always excited to see what innovations CVA has in store for the future! To check out our full line of CVA products, CLICK HERE! 

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