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PowerBelt™ Introduces the ELR Muzzleloader Bullets

PowerBelt™ Introduces the ELR Muzzleloader Bullets

ELR Muzzleloader Bullets

CVA™ and PowerBelt® are proud to introduce the new ELR Bullets for 2019. In an effort to continue advancing black powder technology, PowerBelt has teamed up with CVA to create the PowerBelt™ ELR (Extreme Long Range) Bullet. The bullets are available for .45 caliber rifles and are engineered to be used with a faster 1:22 twist rate.

PowerBelt Bullets

The New .45 Caliber ELR Bullets will come with PowerBelt's patented belting technology, ensuring a superior gas seal and accuracy with every shot. The new ELR bullets are designed to be used in CVA's New .45 Caliber Accura LR. The new Accura LR has an improved twist rate of 1:22, compared to the standard 1:28 twist rate found in most modern muzzleloader rifles. This new faster twist rate coupled with the ELR bullets' distinctive design produces a long range black powder combination that will take the market by storm. 

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