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CVA® Announces New Paramount Muzzleloader CVA® Announces New Paramount Muzzleloader > CVA® Announces New Paramount Muzzleloader

CVA® Announces New Paramount Muzzleloader


Bolt-action muzzleloaders are back in the CVA lineup! The NEW CVA Paramount bolt-action, long range muzzleloader is capable of shooting out past 300 yards, with incredible accuracy and reliability.

The stock design is based on the Bergara HMR hybrid-chassis stock, which is a custom design, made by Bergara. The adjustable comb and length of pull ensure that this gun will fit just about any shooter. The gun features a Nitride-treated Bergara barrel, adjustable trigger, and VariFlame rifle primer adapter to ignite up to 140 grains of Blackhorn 209. 

VariFlame ignition is a proprietary ignition that allows you to use a Large Rifle Primer to ignite the black powder. With an unprecedented 140-grain Blackhorn 209 charge or 168-grain standard powder charge, this marks the first CVA muzzleloader to handle a magnum load beyond 150 grains of standard black powder.

Alongside the new Paramount muzzleloader, PowerBelt is releasing the new PowerBelt Paramount Bullet. The all-new 280-grain PowerBelt Paramount bullet leaves the muzzle at 2250fps and with a 200 yard zero, the Paramount bullet will only drop 17 inches at 300 yards. The heavier bullet will maintain a flatter trajectory at longer ranges and will be capable of taking down deer and elk sized game. 

For more information and pricing on the new CVA Paramount Bolt-Action muzzleloader click here: CVA Paramount Rifle

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