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Traditions Shedhorn Muzzleloader Rifle Review Traditions Shedhorn Muzzleloader Rifle Review > Traditions Shedhorn Muzzleloader Rifle Review

Traditions ShedHorn Muzzleloader | SHOT Show Review

At SHOT Show 2023, Traditions released their newest traditional muzzleloader, the ShedHorn. The ShedHorn utilizes a platform similar to that of the Traditions PA Pellet but with a twist. While the PA Pellet is only available in flintlock, the ShedHorn features a percussion style ignition. We were fortunate enough to get our hands on the ShedHorn while at SHOT Show 2023 and, in this article, we will be providing you with our thoughts on this new muzzleloader from Traditions. 

Traditions ShedHorn Muzzleloader

Similarly to the PA Pellet, the ShedHorn features a removable breech plug, 1:28 twist CeraKote treated barrel, fiber optic sights, and ergonomic stock design. The ShedHorn is also extremely light weight which makes it the ideal choice if you plan to put in a lot of miles. This muzzleloader is offered in several cosmetic configurations including both wood and composite stocks as well as silver, burnt bronze, and black CeraKote colors. These additional options provide each hunter with the ability to choose an option that fits their hunting needs and style preferences. The Traditions ShedHorn utilizes a percussion style ignition that is compatible with musket caps. This feature is particularly beneficial as the musket cap ignition is much more consistent and weather resistant than flintlock ignition. Finally, one of my favorite things about the ShedHorn is its double-set trigger. This allows for a much smoother trigger pull and will ultimately lead to a more accurate shot. The only drawback to the new ShedHorn is that, unlike the PA Pellet, it is not compatible with pelletized powder. This will make loading and reloading slightly more difficult, however, this is a small price to pay considering the advantages gained from the percussion ignition. 

While the ShedHorn would be an excellent choice for any muzzleloader hunter, I think that those planning to participate in a heritage season stand to gain the most from this unique muzzleloader. Such features as the 1:28 twist barrel, fiber optic sites, and double-set trigger allow hunters to utilize modern muzzleloader projectiles to great effect.

The ShedHorn really is the bridge between the modern inline and classic sidelock designs. I would highly recommend this muzzleloader to anyone who is looking to get into traditional muzzleloading, but especially those who are planning to participate in a heritage muzzleloader hunt. If you have any questions about the Traditions ShedHorn then please feel free to reach out to our customer service team at 855-236-5000 or send us an email at and we will be happy to help.

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