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CVA Paramount Pro V2 Muzzleloader Rifle Review CVA Paramount Pro V2 Muzzleloader Rifle Review > CVA Paramount Pro V2 Muzzleloader Rifle Review

CVA Paramount Pro V2 | SHOT Show Review

CVA is making big changes to the Paramount Pro in 2023! Shortly before SHOT Show 2023, CVA announced that they would be making a few adjustments to the Paramount Pro. This new and upgraded version of the Paramount Pro, now called the Paramount Pro V2, boasts all of the same incredible features as its predecessor but with a few significant upgrades. We were able to get our hands on the Paramount Pro V2 while at SHOT Show this year and we are going to give you our thoughts on the changes.

CVA Paramount Pro V2

Paramount Pro vs Paramount Pro V2

At a glance, the first thing that one will notice about the Paramount V2 is the new stock design. The Pro V2 features a custom-designed fiberglass Greyboe stock, with a proprietary camo pattern. While the original Paramount Pro also featured a Greyboe stock, the V2 version is significantly lighter. With this new stock, CVA was able to shave 8 ounces off of the overall weight. This is a significant improvement and will be very noticeable after a long day in the woods. Just as with the original model, the Paramount Pro V2 offers a CeraKote/Nitride barrel, dual sling stud, adjustable TriggerTech trigger, and Crush Zone recoil pad. These are all features that made the original Paramount Pro a staple in the muzzleloader world and we are glad to see them carry these over to the V2 model. Another feature that distinguishes the Paramount Pro V2 from the original model is the adjustable cheek piece. This is a feature that I have always wanted to see in the Paramount Pro and I am glad that CVA added this feature in the V2 model. This feature will drastically improve overall accuracy and consistency when taking those long range shots. Additionally, the .50 caliber Paramount Pro V2 will be available with the new Micro-Adjust Williams peep sight. This peep sight is specially designed to optimize muzzleloader performance while using open sights making it an ideal option for any hunter looking to apply for an open sight state. 

Paramount Pro V2 First Impressions

As with any upgrade to a product line, our biggest concern is price increase, however, we were excited to learn that there is only a marginal price difference between the two models. As of the writing of this article, the Paramount Pro is available on our website for $1,799 and the V2 model is listed for $1,899. This is a very small difference considering the additional features that CVA packed into this muzzleloader. When it comes to long-range muzzleloading, the Paramount Pro has been leading the pack since its release in 2020 and we expect the same from the Paramount Pro V2. The adjustable cheek piece and 8 ounce reduction in weight will make the V2 even more of a home run for the muzzleloader hunter looking to take his experience to the next level. Overall, we are very pleased with the changes made to the Paramount Pro and look forward to seeing how it performs in the field.

If you have any questions about the CVA Paramount Pro V2 then please feel free to reach out to our customer service team at 855-236-5000 or send us an email at and we will be happy to help. 

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