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Lyman Plains Pistol Making a Comeback Lyman Plains Pistol Making a Comeback > Lyman Plains Pistol Making a Comeback

Lyman Plains Pistol Making a Comeback

In the early 1800s, the plains Indians of North America were armed with a type of pistol known as the Plains Pistol. These pistols were simple, single-shot weapons that were easy to produce and easy to use. They were an essential part of the plains Indian way of life, and were used for hunting, self-defense, and warfare.

The Plains Pistol fell out of use in the late 1800s as more advanced firearms became available. But now, Investarm is reintroducing the Plains Pistol to a new generation of black powder shooters.
For decades the Lyman version of the Plains Pistol was a favorite amongst black powder enthusiasts and rendezvous goers. In late 2021 Lyman stopped manufacturing black powder firearms, including the Plains Pistol. Recently Investarm, the Italian gun manufacturing company, has decided to fill this gap in the market and has introduced its own version of the Plains Pistol, a historic replica that holds true to the original.

The new Plains Pistol from Investarm is a faithful reproduction of the original weapon. It is made from high-quality materials and is built to last. The pistol is chambered in either .50 or .54 caliber with either percussion or flintlock ignition. This reproduction includes rifled barrels which became more common during the mid-1800’s and make them easier to shoot accurately comparable to many modern target-grade pistols.

Lyman Great Plains Pistol By Investarm

The Investarm Plains Pistol comes with a hand-carved wooden grip that is made of European hardwood. This grip is based on traditional designs and adds a unique touch to the pistol. Investarm will offer the new Plains Pistol in either a finished or a Do-it-Yourself kit version.

Lyman Great Plains Pistol Kit By Investarm

Investarm recommends a maximum charge of 40 grains of unspecified black powder or the equivalent volume of Pyrodex with a patched 0.490- or 0.495-inch ball of approximately 175 grains. Loaded with GOEX FFFg, this charge will register 884 fps. Swiss FFFg will deliver 1,040 fps and the Pyrodex P black powder substitute clocks 934 fps. All deliver similar accuracy at 25 yards and beyond.

The Plains Pistol from Investarm is a great choice for anyone looking for a simple, reliable black powder pistol. Whether you're interested in history or just want a good firearm for a rendezvous or plinking, the Plains Pistol is worth checking out.

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