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Best Bullets for CVA™ Accura Muzzleloaders Best Bullets for CVA™ Accura Muzzleloaders > Best Bullets for CVA™ Accura Muzzleloaders

Best Bullets for CVA™ Accura Muzzleloaders

First, I want to say that there is no perfect formula for any muzzleloader. Each gun is different, so every gun reacts differently to different powders and different bullets. However, I will say there are some general guidelines to follow for the CVA Accura™ muzzleloaders.

The bullets that I highly recommend for the Accura are the 245-grain PowerBelt™ Aerotip Bullets. These bullets are made by a company in Idaho that is owned by CVA (or Blackpowder Products Inc.). Given that they manufacturer the rifles, they definitely will tune their rounds to work well with them.

The PowerBelts come in a Aerotip and a Hollow-point. The Hollow-point is great for close range and is more destructive upon impact, but for overall performance, the Aerotip’s polymer based tip creates awesome ballistics down range and accuracy out to 200+ yards. In fact, we have customers that have shot 1-3″ groups at 200 yards with the CVA Accura and PowerBelt Aerotips.

barnes tez muzzleloader bullets

If you are not a fan of the belted bullets, which some people are not, the other alternative is saboted rounds. These rounds are accurate and lethal. The only drawback is you are shooting a .45 caliber slug compared to a true .50 caliber, and the rifle has to be cleaned a little more often due to residue left by the plastic sabot. The best two sabots for the CVA Accura we have found are the Barnes TMZ or T-EZ’s or the Hornady SST’s. All of these bullets have great ballistics down-range, and their aerodynamic tips aid in long range accuracy.

I hope this article is helpful to those of you who are looking for the right bullet for your Accura. If you have any questions about muzzleloader bullets, feel free to call us at 1-855-236-5000.

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