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New Muzzleloaders for 2019 New Muzzleloaders for 2019 > New Muzzleloaders for 2019

New Muzzleloaders for 2019

New Muzzleloaders for 2019

While 2018 provided us with some great new muzzleloaders, it has nothing on the reveals for 2019! This year, several manufacturers have released both new and updated muzzleloaders that are sure to be popular across the board. We have outlined the New Muzzleloaders for 2019 below, with convenient links to the product pages with additional information.


This year, CVA made a huge splash with the all-new Paramount muzzleloader. This gun is a completely new platform from CVA, from the top down. Additionally, CVA released a .45 caliber Accura V2 Long Range, which will feature a faster twist rate for better accuracy at longer ranges. CVA is clearly evolving into the marketplace leader in long-range muzzleloaders.

CVA Paramount Long Range Muzzleloader

The Paramount is a completely new platform, featuring a new stock design, barrel, action, ignition system, and ramrod. This muzzleloader has been in testing for some time, dialing in every part of this gun to become the best long-range muzzleloader on the market. Featuring the Bergara HMR stock with an internal aluminum chassis, adjustable length of pull and cheek piece, dual sling swivel studs, and a vertical grip, this stock is comfortable at the range and in the field. The .45 caliber Bergara barrel is Nitride coated, with interrupted fluting and a bullet-guiding muzzle. CVA is using the VariFlame ignition system in the Paramount, which allows the use of Large Rifle primers and the ability to burn up to 140 grains of Blackhorn 209, resulting in velocities around 2200 FPS. The .45 caliber Paramount wouldn’t have been possible without PowerBelt’s new ELR bullet, which features an extremely high ballistic coefficient and great down-range energy. With all of these excellent features, the Paramount is sure to be a big hit in the long-range muzzleloading market.

For more information on the CVA Paramount Muzzleloader, CLICK HERE!


CVA Paramount Rifle



CVA Accura V2 LR .45 Caliber Muzzleloader

The CVA Accura LR has been one of the top-selling muzzleloaders in the last several years. Because of the new technology behind the PowerBelt ELR .45 caliber bullet, CVA decided to add a .45 caliber Accura to the mix. This gun will feature a 30” Nitride-coated Bergara barrel and the same thumbhole stock that we have grown to love from the Accura V2 series.

For more information on the CVA Accura V2 LR .45 Caliber, CLICK HERE!


CVA Accura V2 LR .45



Traditions Firearms

Traditions Vortek Muzzleloaders

2018 was a big year for new additions to the Traditions lineup. Because of the new additions last year, Traditions did not release any new muzzleloaders for 2019, but we feel they did something equally impressive! New for 2019, the whole line of Traditions Vortek StrikerFire muzzleloader pricing has been rolled back to pass along huge savings to consumers! This will equate to almost $100 off all Vortek StrikerFires! Additionally, all of the Realtree APG models have been replaced with Realtree Edge.

To see the full line of Traditions Vortek StrikerFire Muzzleloaders, CLICK HERE!


Traditions Philadelphia Derringer Pistol

Over the past several years, has been continuing to find new custom models to bring to market. This had originally started with the Kentucky Flintlock Rifle Kit, followed by the Full-Camo Buckstalker, and Hawken Flintlock Kit. At the end of 2018, we added an all-new model, the Traditions Philadelphia Derringer.

The Philadelphia Derringer is available as both a finished pistol and kit. We received the first batch of these pistols just in time for Christmas and they were a huge hit! For 2019, we have added these pistols and pistol kits as full catalog items, which can be purchased 12 months a year! The Philadelphia Derringer is available as a .45 caliber percussion pistol, with a European hardwoods stock.

For more information on the Traditions Philadelphia Derringer Pistol, CLICK HERE!


Traditions Philadelphia Derringer Kit



T/C Impact!SB Muzzleloader

After minimal updates over the past few years, Thompson/Center has updated its Impact muzzleloader! The new Impact!SB has all the upgrades that customers have been asking about for the last several years. New for 2019, the Thompson/Center Impact!SB offers the TC Power-T ramrod and a Speed Breech™ Plug. While we are happy with the better ramrod, the Speed Breech™ Plug is the biggest and most exciting update. Now, the Impact!SB breech plug can be removed with just three turns, making cleaning a breeze. With all these upgrades, TC decided to keep the price the same, resulting in better value to hunters everywhere! The Impact!SB will be one of the top opening price-point muzzleloaders for 2019.

For more information on the fully updated T/C Impact!SB Muzzleloaders, CLICK HERE!

For more information regarding the best muzzleloaders, check out The Big Game Hunting Blog.


For more information on any of these muzzleloaders, please give our customer service team a call at 1-855-236-5000. Our knowledgeable customer service team will be able to answer any questions and place orders over the phone.

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