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CVA™ Accura vs. CVA™ Optima CVA™ Accura vs. CVA™ Optima > CVA™ Accura vs. CVA™ Optima

CVA™ Accura vs. CVA™ Optima

"What's the difference between the CVA Accura and the CVA Optima? The pictures of these two guns look so similar?" 

This is one of the most commonly asked questions we hear at This article will compare and contrast these two excellent muzzleloaders. The differences between these muzzleloaders come down to barrel length, stock configuration, and the Bergara™ barrel versus a standard CVA barrel. 

cva accura mr


The biggest difference between these two muzzleloaders is the barrel. The CVA Accura V2, CVA Accura MR, and the NEW Accura LR come with CVA's flagship Bergara barrel. The Bergara barrel is a precision stainless steel barrel that is guaranteed to be the most accurate muzzleloader barrel you'll ever shoot, or your money back. Both the Accura and Optima barrels are made from 416 stainless steel, and both barrels are built in the same factory, on the same machines. However, the Accura's Bergara barrel goes through 4 to 5 more cleanings and honings, to ensure all machining grooves are removed from the walls of the barrel. 

CVA has added the Nitride coatings to the Optima and Accura muzzleloaders. The Nitriding process, which turns the 416 grade stainless steel a matte black color, actually hardens the outer layers of the steel, making it significantly more corrosion resistant and more durable than standard stainless or blued carbon steels. With muzzleloaders being particularly susceptible to corrosion, the application of this new barrel technology in the Accura and Optima muzzleloaders adds even more value to these already market-leading models, making their barrels essentially “rust-proof.” Plus, unlike the painted-on exterior barrel coatings used by some other muzzleloader manufacturers, the Nitriding process protects the outside and the inside of the barrel, and it will never shoot out – even after thousands of shots.

bergara muzzleloader barrels

Barrel Length

The CVA Accura barrels come in three different lengths, depending on the model. The Accura MR, which is the compact model, features a 25” barrel. The Accura V2, available with either a thumbhole or standard stock, features a 27” barrel, and the Accura V2 LR (Long Range) features a thumbhole stock and 30” barrel. All of the CVA Optima V2 rifles are built with a 26” barrel, making it light and maneuverable.


Another notable difference between the CVA Accura and Optima are the stock configurations. While the Accura MR stock is very similar to the Optima’s stock, the Accura V2 and LR feature different stock configurations. The Accura V2 and LR both offer a thumbhole model, which is ambidextrous in design. The other stock option in the Accura V2 is a ‘pistol grip’ style rear stock. The Optima V2 is offered in either a standard rifle stock, or a thumbhole stock, however the design of these stocks is very different.

Another noted difference in the stocks is the addition of rubber inlays in all of the CVA Accura models. These inlays allow for increased grip in wet and cold weather. Additionally, both the black and camo Accura stocks feature a Soft-Touch™ rubberized coating, which gives these muzzleloaders a matte finish and softer feel.


The CVA Accura V2 weighs in at 7.3 pounds, while the CVA Accura MR weighs in at only 6.35 pounds. New for 2015, the CVA Accura LR weighs in at 8.1 pounds, with the additional weight coming from the 30” Bergara barrel. All of the CVA Optima V2’s weigh in at 6.65 pounds. Most of the weight difference in the Accura and Optima come from different barrel lengths, however the Thumbhole stocks are also slightly heavier. With CVA designing the Optima V2 to be a lightweight muzzleloader, it is built for the mobile hunter. The CVA Accura V2 and LR muzzleloaders were designed with the long range hunter in mind, whereas the Accura MR is built to be an upgraded version of the Optima V2.

Adjustable Trigger

The CVA Accura models (LR, V2 & MR) come standard with a match-grade adjustable trigger. This is trigger adjustable from 3 to 6.75 pounds. The CVA Optima V2 offers a neutral center-of-gravity trigger that is not adjustable.

Claw Rifle Sling

All CVA™ Accura models (LR, V2 & MR) come standard with matching Quake Claw Contour rifle slings. The sling color is matching, so if you were to order a APG Camo rifle, the sling would also be APG camo. The CVA Optima V2 does not include a sling, however the matching slings can be purchased separately.


If you have more questions about the performance of any CVA muzzleloader, or if you are in the market to purchase, please feel free to email, or call toll free at 1-855-236-5000. You can also browse the world's largest selection of muzzleloaders on our website:
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