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Investarm Hawken Carbine Muzzleloader Review Investarm Hawken Carbine Muzzleloader Review > Investarm Hawken Carbine Muzzleloader Review

Investarm Hawken Carbine Review

The Hawken Rifle. The name itself resurrects the memories of a bygone era. A time when people were free to explore the great unknown and go where few had gone before. A time when the frontier was still wild and untamed. Over the years, the Hawken rifle has become synonymous with mountainous, backcountry adventures and rugged mountain men. 

Investarm Gemmer Hawken Muzzleloader Lifestyle

Though firearm technology has progressed significantly since the early 1800s when the Hawken was in its prime, this muzzleloader has continued to live on in our imaginations and dominate the traditional muzzleloader scene. There are few traditional muzzleloaders that can keep pace with the performance of the Hawken design nor live up to the legend that it has become. Thanks to modern muzzleloader manufacturers like Investarm, the legend of the Hawken rifle lives on.

History of the Hawken Carbine


Percussion Investarm Hawken Carbine Muzzleloader


Investarm is responsible for such muzzleloaders as the Bridger and Gemmer Hawken; however, their most recent Hawken adaptation, the Hawken Carbine,  is most intriguing. The Hawken Carbine is patterned after the reliable and functional rifles developed for use during the Indian fur trading days. These distinctive, conventionally-styled guns were designed exclusively by companies such as Henry and Leman, and were primarily sought after by Indians, trappers, and frontiersmen.

Investarm Hawken Carbine Features

The Hawken Carbine is designed with a significantly shorter barrel than most other Hawken rifles, making it compact and light-weight when compared to its predecessors. This muzzleloader features a beautiful European walnut stock and comes standard with accurate, adjustable iron sights. The front sight is a .350 dovetail blued steel blade, while the rear sight is a .350 dovetail in open style. The rifle features polished brass furniture, a case-hardened lock, and a single trigger that is spring-loaded for positive tension.

The Investarm Hawken Carbine Rifle is 41.5" in overall length and sports a blued octagonal barrel with a 1:48" rate of twist. The Hawken Carbine was designed as a sidelock hunting rifle with a 24" barrel, making it compact and lightweight. The shorter barrel allows for improved performance in tight spaces while maintaining superior accuracy. The Hawken Carbine is offered in .45, .50, and .54 caliber with the option of flintlock or percussion available for each caliber. This muzzleloader also boasts a full line of left-handed models and build-it-yourself kits for those that are looking for the ultimate black powder experience.


Investarm Hawken Carbine Flintlock Muzzleloader Kit




Overall, the Hawken Carbine is a unique, purpose-built muzzleloader that is ideal for most hunting situations and also boasts the necessary performance to compete at most rendezvous. The additional caliber, kit, and handedness options allow this muzzleloader to be used by any shooter in almost any situation. 

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