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New CVA™ Optima V2 LR Review New CVA™ Optima V2 LR Review > New CVA™ Optima V2 LR Review

New CVA™ Optima V2 LR Review

New for 2017 and updated for 2018, the CVA® Optima V2 LR™ Nitride Rifle is the newest addition to the CVA family. While still maintaining the same great price point and quality as the CVA® Optima™, the V2 LR™, or Long Range, will boast a 28” nitride coated stainless steel barrel. The fluted 28” Optima V2 LR™ barrel will generate greater muzzle velocity, which will provide more knockdown power as well as longer ranged capabilities. Modeled after the top-performing CVA® Accura V2 LR™, the Optima V2 LR™ boasts the same high-quality breeching lever, internal parts, and ambidextrous stock design while staying at a lower price point.

The New CVA® Optima V2 Long Range™ can reach out to 250 accurately with the longer barrel. This feature allows the CVA® Optima™ to shoot farther and allows shorter ranged shots to have greater knockdown power. Every Optima V2 LR™ barrel is Nitride-treated, making it a near “corrosion-proof” muzzleloader and provides protection on the inside and outside of the barrel. Every CVA muzzleloader comes equipped with a Quick Release Breech Plug™, which can be removed by hand and without the need for a breech plug tool. The nitride barrel gives the shooter a convenient platform for quick cleaning and maintenance.

CVA Optima V2 LR

The fully ambidextrous stock and the reversible hammer spur provides the best coverage for left-handed and right-handed shooters and hunters. The Optima™ stock sports the Realtree® Xtra Green™ camo and an integrated thumbhole, which provides the shooter more stability while carrying around the rifle or taking a shot.

Other standard features include the PalmSaver™ ramrod attachment, which gives extra protection while cleaning the barrel, loading projectiles, and seating bullets. The barrel comes preinstalled with a DuraSight™ Dead-On™ One-Piece scope mount that is capable of mounting a scope up to a 44mm objective. The CVA® Optima Long Range™ is not drilled and tapped for open sights and is already set up for a scope. Since this rifle excels at longer mid-range shots, this is a great option for a low powered scope as well as a standard 3-9x40mm scope.    

The CVA® Optima V2 LR™ is packed with many great features that you won’t find anywhere else for this price. The CVA® Optima V2™ starts out at $398 for the base scope mount model or it can be combined with any scope on our website for further savings. With the 28” fluted, Nitride stainless steel barrel, the Optima V2 Long Range is designed to take game of all sizes, while providing a great value and a moderate price point.

For 2017 and while supplies last in 2018, will continue our custom Optima V2 Long Range with a 30” barrel. When supplies are gone, we will carry the 28” barrel version. For more information on these muzzleloaders, CLICK HERE.

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