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Thor™ Muzzleloader Bullets Review Thor™ Muzzleloader Bullets Review > Thor™ Muzzleloader Bullets Review

Thor™ Muzzleloader Bullets Review

Thor Bullets are a full-bore conical muzzleloader bullet, designed and patented by OPG Gun Ventures, LLC. Thor integrates Barnes X Bullet technology, by using a ballistic tip and a 100% copper construction. The base of the bullet is hollow, to allow for expansion and to create a gas seal with the barrel upon firing. Because of the advanced design of the Thor bullets, these bullets will travel anywhere between 75 and 100 FPS faster than a standard PowerBelt bullet. Thor muzzleloading bullets are designed for optimal expansion, while retaining bullet weight. This provides for excellent blood trails and exit wounds.

Thor Bullets are unique in the fact that they are bore specific. Even with modern machining practices, each muzzleloader barrel can differ by up to .001”, which makes a significant difference when trying to load a full-bore conical. Thor Bullets come in four different sizes that include .500, .501, .502, and .503, to fit most modern barrels. To make it easy for the consumer to find which bullet is right for their muzzleloader, Thor offers a Sizing Pack which includes each of the four bullets sizes. The general guidelines are to start with the smallest bullet first, which would be the .500, and progress until you find a bullet that requires around 20 pounds of force to fully seat. This pressure should be comparable to loading a sabot or PowerBelt bullet. When the bullet is removed, light rifling marks will be present, but that will not affect accuracy when the bullet is pushed back down the barrel.

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Thor’s Full-bore conical bullets do not use or require a plastic sabot to fire, making them Oregon, California, and Colorado legal. Oregon muzzleloading regulations restrict the use of plastic tips, so Thor has met this by offering the 247 grain hollow point for Oregon muzzleloader hunters.

Many will compare the Thor bullets to the Hornady FPB bullets. While similar in appearance, these bullets have very different performance characteristics. Compared to the Hornady FPB, the Thor bullets have a thinner rim of copper at the bottom of the bullet, which is arguably better at creating a gas seal.  While both muzzleloading bullets are great, the Thor bullet is clearly the leader in sabotless technology.     

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