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Traditions Kentucky Rifle Kit Review Traditions Kentucky Rifle Kit Review > Traditions Kentucky Rifle Kit Review

Traditions Kentucky Rifle Kit Review

The Kentucky Rifle is one of the most iconic American rifles ever constructed. It has been made infamous by its use in the American Revolutionary War and continues to be a favorite of traditional firearms enthusiasts, hunters, and shooters today. Traditions Firearms has done an amazing job of bringing this rifle back to life in today’s fast-paced world by offering the unique opportunity to slow down and build your own Kentucky Rifle. 

The Traditions Kentucky Rifle Kit lineup includes three excellent options including the original flintlock and percussion models and now featuring the all-new percussion Deluxe Kentucky Rifle Kit. Each kit offers a unique building experience that is both educational and fun for people of all skill levels. In this review, we will take a look at each kit and their features as well as highlight some of the Kentucky Rifle’s rich history. 

The Kentucky Rifle dates back to the 1730s where the descendants of German immigrants crafted the first American Long Rifle (today known as the Kentucky Rifle) in the colony of Pennsylvania. The rifling technology implemented in the Kentucky Rifle allowed frontiersmen to hunt and provide much-needed food for their families in a more efficient and reliable manner. It was not originally designed for military use, however, the rifle would end up seeing extensive use during the French & Indian War, the American Revolutionary War, and the War of 1812. The Kentucky Rifle was primarily used for skirmishing, sharpshooting, and smaller ambush attacks; but it did see some use in pitched formation battles in each of the aforementioned wars. 

The Kentucky Rifle is an unmistakable firearm due to its signature extra-long barrel. Many of the early Kentucky Rifles were crafted with barrel lengths ranging from 32 inches to over 48 inches making many of the guns between 54 inches and 70 inches in overall length. The Traditions reproductions feature 33.5-inch barrels and an overall length of 49 inches, keeping the gun both historically accurate and manageable for a wide range of shooters and hunters. 

Traditions Percussion Kentucky Rifle Kit 

The Percussion model of the Traditions Kentucky Rifle Kit is a great build-it-yourself kit that is both fun and moderately challenging to assemble and craft. The stock pieces come rough cut and unfinished allowing for individual customization and design of the stock to make your Kentucky Rifle stand out from the rest. Each kit comes with all of the hardware components needed to assemble a fully functional muzzle loading rifle, however, it is important to note that you will need to purchase the barrel bluing or browning agent and stock stain and finish separately as they are not included with the kit. 

Traditions also produces the stocks with a good amount of extra wood on the stock pieces to allow for a little bit of error for first-time kit builders. One of the great aspects of building this kit is that the fit and finish are completely up to the builder, which allows you to customize the appearance of the rifle as you see fit. The Percussion lock gives the gun a nice upgrade from the traditional flintlock ignition system allowing for more reliable and consistent ignitions which are especially important in hunting situations. The lock is case hardened with an authentic antique look and is composed of strong carbon steel ensuring it will hold up to years of uses. 

In addition, the kit comes with brass furniture including a brass butt plate, nose cap, trigger guard, and front blade sight. The brass components add a nice traditional look to the gun and offer practical functionality for use in the field. Combine these innovations with the other great features offered on the kit and you have an excellent muzzleloading rifle for hunters and shooters alike. 

For more information regarding the Traditions Kentucky Rifle Percussion Kit, Click Here.

Traditions Deluxe Kentucky Rifle


Traditions Flintlock Kentucky Rifle Kit

Similar to the percussion model Traditions Kentucky Rifle Kit the Flintlock Kentucky Rifle Kit offers all of the same great features already mentioned, but now with a flintlock ignition. The flintlock ignition is great for historical shoots and competitions, as well as flintlock specific hunting seasons. 

The Kentucky Rifle was first invented with a flintlock ignition and now Traditions has brought that rifle back to life in a build-it-yourself kit. With the Traditions Flintlock Kentucky Rifle Kit, you can recreate your own piece of American history and reimagine what it was like for our pioneering forefathers. 

The kit is both fun and moderately challenging to assemble and provides the opportunity to customize the rifle to your liking. Building your own rifle is one of the best ways to ensure the fit and finish are exactly to your liking and provides a level of satisfaction that only building something with your own two hands can provide. 

For more information regarding the Traditions Kentucky Rifle Percussion Kit, Click Here.

Traditions Deluxe Kentucky Rifle 

Traditions Deluxe Percussion Kentucky Rifle Kit

New for 2020, Traditions has released the all-new Traditions Deluxe Kentucky Rifle Kit which is available in a percussion lock ignition. The Deluxe Kentucky Rifle Kit features some great new upgrades to the already excellent standard version of the kit. 

The Deluxe kit features a rough-cut hardwood stock along with all brass furniture including a brass butt plate, nose cap, trigger guard, front blade sight, and a new brass patch box that is inlaid into the stock. The added patch box not only gives the rifle a great aesthetic but also provides practical functionality by allowing the storage of shooting patches or other small accessories for convenient access. 

In addition to the brass furniture, the Deluxe Kentucky Rifle Kit now features a double set trigger system which allows for trigger pull weight selection. Shooters can now select between the standard trigger pull or a hair-trigger pull by utilizing the rear “set” trigger. This is a great feature that will make hunting and target shooting easier and more precise for all shooters. 

These upgraded features make the Deluxe Kentucky Rifle a great option for anyone looking for a do-it-yourself kit for hunting, shooting, or if preferred, just hanging on the wall. 

For more information regarding the Traditions Kentucky Rifle Percussion Kit, Click Here.

Traditions Deluxe Kentucky Rifle 

Assembling your own muzzleloader is among one of the most authentic traditional shooting experiences you can have and is sure to provide a unique perspective into the world of muzzleloading. Traditions Firearms makes it easy and fun to enjoy a piece of American history with the Traditions Kentucky Rifle Kits and Deluxe Kentucky Rifle Kit.

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