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Traditions Deluxe Kentucky Rifle Review Traditions Deluxe Kentucky Rifle Review > Traditions Deluxe Kentucky Rifle Review

Traditions Deluxe Kentucky Rifle Review

Traditions™ Firearms has been manufacturing historical reproductions of the Kentucky Rifle for many years and has now expanded their lineup to include the new Deluxe Kentucky Rifle. The gun offers hunters, shooters, and muzzleloading enthusiasts an upgraded platform that now includes a premium double set trigger and brass patch box in addition to the quality craftsmanship exhibited in earlier versions of the Traditions Kentucky Rifle. 

The Kentucky Rifle dates back to the 1730s during the colonial era of American history 40 years prior to the Revolutionary war. In the heart of Pennsylvania, American craftsmen created a unique firearm that offered hunters much greater accuracy and range than the muskets of the 1700s. The groundbreaking rifling technology that was developed in the Kentucky Rifle made hunting much more efficient for those living on the frontier of colonial society. This allowed for frontiersmen and their families to put meat on the table more effectively and helped supplement sometimes unreliable harvest seasons. 

The Kentucky Rifle, originally known as the American Long Rifle, has been known by a variety of names, however, the Kentucky Rifle has become the prevailing title for the uniquely American rifle. The title of American Long Rifle was in reference to the exceptionally long barrel that was only seen in the American colonies at the time. While most European gunsmiths were progressing to shorter barrel lengths with smoothbores for military use, American gunsmiths were primarily focused on creating a precision hunting rifle for practical everyday use. It would not be long, however, before the Kentucky Rifle found its way to the battlefield seeing widespread use in the French and Indian War, the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and even some use as late as the American Civil War. 

Traditions Deluxe Kentucky Rifle

The combat role of the Kentucky Rifle was primarily used by “sharpshooting” units; however, it did see use in pitched formation battles by colonists who did not have any other weapon options. While the Kentucky Rifle was great for long-range accuracy, it had a slower reload time than a smoothbore musket and it put the user at a significant disadvantage in large formation battles. It was, however, perfect for inflicting terror on the enemy by expert marksmen from a distance and was found to be particularly useful for quick skirmishes and surprise ambush attacks. 

The Kentucky Rifle was commonly made in .60 and .70 caliber options and fired a heavy lead round ball that was capable of delivering lethal damage as far away as 400 yards. While this gun was mostly utilized between 100 and 200 yards, there have been reports of marksmen making shots as far away as 600 yards. This increased range and accuracy offered opportunities for the American forces using the Kentucky Rifle to engage in new warfare tactics that played a pivotal role in winning the Revolutionary War. 

The Traditions Deluxe Kentucky Rifle captures the rich history of the American Long Rifle in a masterfully crafted, modern-day reproduction of the iconic rifle. The stock is solid and well-crafted and features a beautiful and rich walnut finish. Additionally, the rifle features brass furniture pieces that blend in nicely with the walnut stock and give the user an authentic feeling and aesthetically pleasing gun. 

One of the great new upgrades offered on the Deluxe Kentucky Rifle is an integrated brass patch box located on the side of the buttstock. The patch box not only looks great, but offers practical functionality, allowing for convenient storage of shooting patches on the gun. Another key upgrade is the double set trigger system, which allows the user to select between a standard trigger pull and a hair-trigger pull if desired.

Traditions Deluxe Kentucky Rifle

The Deluxe Kentucky Rifle is offered in either a percussion cap or flintlock ignition system offering a great platform for hunting and recreational shooting alike. Both lock systems are case hardened to give the rifle a classic look while still maintaining great durability for years of use. In addition, the rifle features a 33.5-inch .50 caliber blued octagon barrel that is rifled with a 1:66 twist rate, perfect for shooting a patch and lead round ball. The barrel comes equipped with traditional fixed blade sights to maintain historical accuracy and preserve the original aesthetic of the Kentucky Rifle. 

Overall the gun is a great way for anyone to experience a unique piece of American history. The Traditions Deluxe Kentucky Rifle shoots great and is an excellent option for traditional hunters and shooters. The gun is also beautifully crafted and will make a great wall hanger for anyone looking to add a classic gun to their collection. 

If you have any questions regarding the Deluxe Kentucky Rifle or any other product on our website please feel free to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff at 1-855-236-5000 or via email at

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