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Traditions™ Northwest Pursuit G4 Nitride Review Traditions™ Northwest Pursuit G4 Nitride Review > Traditions™ Northwest Pursuit G4 Nitride Review

Traditions™ Northwest Pursuit G4 Nitride Review

The Traditions Northwest Pursuit G4 Ultralight (R749246WA) is a great addition to the Traditions inline muzzleloader lineup. This Pursuit G4 is designed for hunters in the Pacific Northwest within the states of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. The NW Pursuit is equipped with the Northwest Accelerator® Breech Plug as well as a firing pin specifically designed for a musket ignition. As per Northwest regulations, the NW Accelerator® Breech Plug is designed to expose the nipple to the elements and will strictly use musket caps. The Accelerator breech plug can be removed by using your fingers and can be removed in three rotations. This combined with the fast break action design makes cleaning and disassembling a breeze.

The Traditions Northwest Pursuit G4 Ultralight features a lightweight Chromoly steel barrel, weighing in at 5.75 pounds and making it one of the lightest muzzleloaders on the market. The 26” chromoly barrel has been strengthened with a salt-bath Nitride treatment, making the barrel near corrosion-proof. The Nitride coating bonds to the Chromoly steel, providing protection on the inside and outside of the barrel where harmful pitting and corrosion can occur. This process creates a durable yet refined, high-performance muzzleloader and lengthens the Pursuit G4’s lifespan by helping to prevent damage before it occurs. The Chromoly barrel is drilled and tapped for open sights as well as a scope mount configuration, so Northwest hunters can use a scope during standard rifle seasons.

The Northwest Pursuit G4 comes equipped with a new, wider foregrip to ensure a solid grip on your muzzleloader in any kind of weather and terrain while providing a comfortable grip for shooters of all sizes. The stock and forestock feature Realtree Xtra Camo, which is a pattern that will conceal you against the different Northwest coniferous and deciduous trees. Every Traditions Pursuit G4 also features a Quick-T Ramrod Handle, which functions like a palm saver and t-handle all in one.

The Traditions Northwest Pursuit G4 Ultralight is a muzzleloader packed with many great features including the lightweight 26” Nitride Chromoly Barrel, the NW Accelerator® Breech Plug, and the Quick-T Ramrod Handle. With its extremely lightweight design, this muzzleloader can be packed over rugged terrain with ease. The NW Pursuit G4 has an optimal range up to 200 yards and is effective at taking down any game in the Pacific Northwest. Starting at $328, the Traditions Northwest Pursuit G4 Ultralight provides a great value at a low price point and is guaranteed to meet the needs of Northwest hunters.

To find out more about the Traditions Northwest Pursuit G4 Ultralight, CLICK HERE.

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