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CVA™ Accura V2 LR - Long Range Muzzleloader Rifle CVA™ Accura V2 LR - Long Range Muzzleloader Rifle > CVA™ Accura V2 LR - Long Range Muzzleloader Rifle

CVA™ Accura V2 LR - Long Range Muzzleloader Rifle

May 25, 2016 - In 2015, CVA introduced the Accura V2 LR or “Long Range” model. The rifle was met with rave reviews from hunters and muzzleloader shooters all across the country. The Accura LR is designed to be the most accurate muzzleloader CVA has ever offered. The LR boasts a 30 inch, nitride-coated Bergara barrel, which gives the shooter accurate shot groupings up to, and in excess of 300 yards. Here at, we get a chance to survey and collect feedback from customers about a myriad of products from all manufacturers. The Accura V2 LR has been one of our most highly praised muzzleloaders since it’s inception. At this point, we wouldn’t hesitate to say that it’s the ultimate break-action muzzleloader. 


The Accura V2 LR features a 30” fluted barrel, with a 1:28 twist rate, which is engineered for long distance shooting. Each Bergara barrel is made from high quality, 416-grade nitride-treated stainless steel, making it near corrosion-proof and extremely accurate.  The salt bath nitride process coats the barrel inside and out, virtually eliminating corrosion and pitting that can reduce accuracy over the life of the rifle. The Bergara barrel on the CVA Accura V2 LR does not come drilled and tapped for open sights, but comes with a Durasight™ Dead-On scope mount, which is ready straight out-of-the-box for scopes with up to a 44mm objective lens. CVA decided not to drill and tap the LR for open sights for one reason, the rifle was made to be a long distance muzzleloader, and even with the best fiber optic sights, a 200 yard target acquisition is next to impossible.

Each rifle is equipped with a Nitride version of CVA’s patented Quick Release Breech Plug (QRBP), which is a unique tool-free design and is easily removed by hand. CVA’s Blackhorn 209 QRBP, which is recommended when using Blackhorn 209 loose powder, will work perfectly with the Accura Long Range. New for 2016, we also carry the Blackhorn 209 Breech Plug with a Nitride coating, to fully match the appearance of the Accura Nitride models.

Cleaning the rifle is quick and easy, as the break action design quickly and easily exposes the firing pin and breech plug for removal. The Accura Long Range comes with the CVA Palmsaver Ramrod, which helps the cleaning and loading process by protecting your hand, and provides more torque when seating your bullet or running a patch through the barrel.

The Accura LR features a fully adjustable trigger, which offers the ability to fine-tune the trigger pull for each shooter. Most CVA triggers are set around 4 lbs from the factory. The LR is engineered to comfortably fit a right or left-handed shooter, featuring raised cheek plates on either side of the stock, as well as a reversible hammer spur. The thumbhole stock is outfitted with Realtree’s Max 1 Camo, and this muzzleloader comes with a matching Quake Claw rifle sling. The Soft-Touch Camo thumbhole stock keeps the wrist at a comfortable angle for steadier shots. The soft rubberized grips along the forestock and  rear thumbhole create an extremely comfortable shooting platform. This muzzleloader also sports a CrushZone™ Recoil Pad that will help dampen recoil, even with magnum 150-grain powder loads.

CVA guarantees the Accura will be the most accurate muzzleloader you’ll ever shoot, or your money back. Over the past year, the Accura LR has been tried and tested by hunters all across the country, and has met or exceeded expectations. The Accura LR also carries CVA’s Lifetime Warranty, that can be handed down to the next generation.

In testing the Accura LR with 150 grains of powder, we have found that the bullet velocity increases 50-70 fps (feet per second) when compared with the 27” barrel on the Accura V2. The additional velocity will generate greater kinetic energy being delivered to the target and a faster, flatter shooting bullet. This increase gives the Accura LR the knockdown power needed for ethical long range hunting. The Accura Long Range weighs in at 8.1 lbs. and is 45 inches in overall length. While one of the heavier muzzleloaders on the market, the LR offers a well-balanced feel and increased recoil reduction.


CVA Accura LR
The CVA Accura V2 LR is designed with the long-range shooter in mind, especially those planning to shoot over 200 yards. offers a variety of custom-built muzzleloader packages that feature Burris, Leupold, and Nikon scopes. Through our proprietary custom packages page, simply select the rifle, scope, and case of your choice. We will mount and bore sight your scope, and ship the completed muzzleloader package to your door. To learn more about the custom packages, CLICK HERE!


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