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New Williams™ Western Precision Muzzleloading Sight

Many western states do not allow scopes during muzzleloading seasons, which leads hunters to use fiber optics, peep sights, or just plain iron sights. With modern inline muzzleloaders becoming increasingly accurate and capable of longer ranges, some of these sights leave hunters wanting more. While globe sights are nothing new to muzzleloading, there has not been a good option for modern inline muzzleloaders. Previously, shooters would have to buy multiple components from multiple brands to achieve a globe sight and rear peep sight setup. New for 2020, Williams Gun Sights has released the Williams Western Precision Muzzleloading Sight.

The new Western Precision Muzzleloader Sight setup is a rear Williams WGRS peep sight, with a front globe sight including 6 different crosshair inserts. The new globe used in this sight setup is capable of mounting straight to the bore of inline muzzleloaders without the need for a dovetail adapter or base. This increases the rigidity of the sight, increases durability, and lowers the sight on the barrel for proper height alignment without shimming the rear sight. This new and simplified design is much better than anything else on the market, and will definitely be a hit with open sight muzzleloading hunters in California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

There are six different reticles included in the Western Precision Muzzleloading pack. The reticle that is most advanced is a BDC-style reticle that offers an additional hold point for bullet drop. While this point will vary from gun to gun, we worked with Williams to use load data that was most prevalent in western muzzleloading. Using 110 grains of Blackhorn 209 and a 250-grain bullet, the additional sub-tensions will give you holdovers out to 200 yards. If you’re using a different load, you can easily go to the range and test the holdovers for your exact setup. In the coming months, the team will be developing additional data with various muzzleloaders to make these calculations easier for our customers.

Williams Fine Crosshair Inserts

"The customer service team at has received a substantial amount of feedback concerning open sight setups in the past, with a large number of hunters wanting to use a peep and globe setup. The biggest issue was having to "Frankenstein" a sight combination by purchasing multiple parts from multiple brands and then having a lack of elevation adjustment as the front sight was just too tall.

This new Williams sight set significantly reduces the height of the front globe sight and since Williams has designed both halves of this set, the front and rear will perform perfectly together. Another feature that shooters wished for was an included fine crosshair insert that would allow for longer-ranged open sight shooting, since the crosshair or post would normally cover up the target."

Caleb Andrews, Customer Service Manager 

Williams Precision Muzzleloading Sight Profile

If you’re planning a western muzzleloader hunt this fall, the Williams Precisions Muzzleloading Sight needs to be on your gun! This sight set is well made and sure to increase your accuracy and range when in the field. If you have any questions about this sight, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team at 1-855-236-5000, or email at

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