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Hornady® SST Muzzleloader Bullets - 20 Pack .45 Caliber 200 Grain Bullets - H67132

by Hornady

Model 67132 - 200 Grain - 20 pack
.45 Cal Sabot Low Drag™ with .40 Cal SST® Bullet

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At the heart of the Hornady™ muzzleloading bullets you will find its patriarch the SST-ML. This bullet was specifically designed for 200+ yard shots. It comes in a .45 caliber sabot with a .40 caliber 200 grain bullet. The SST features Hornady’s patented Flex Tip™ which aids in bullet expansion upon impact. This bullet out performs the competition by flying flatter and farther than anything else on the market. 

Hornady’s exclusive Flex Tip™ accomplishes optimal flight performance at low velocities over longer-distances, which makes it ideal for muzzleloading. Specifically engineered to provide pinpoint accuracy, penetration and high weight retention, the SST-ML™ is not your average bullet. The SST™ also comes with the newly designed Low Drag sabot, allowing for easier reloading. The Hornady™ SST Bullets come in a package of 20.


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