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Barnes® Spit Fire TMZ Bullets - 290 Grain

Barnes® Spit Fire TMZ Bullets - 290 Grain

by Barnes

.50 Caliber Sabot with .451 diameter bullet
290 Grain - 15 or 24 pack - Model 30604

Original price $25.00 - Original price $36.00
Original price
$25.00 - $36.00
Current price $25.00
SKU 30594
Package Qty: 15 Pack


The Barnes™ TMZ muzzleloader bullets feature 100% copper core construction and TMZ’s patented polymer tip. Barnes sabots offer exceptional accuracy and shocking power, combined with deep, reliable penetration.

These Spitfire™ sabots retain virtually 100% of their original weight and have a higher ballistic coefficient, enabling exceptionally long-range performance. The streamlined tip increases expansion for faster loading and superior accuracy.



Bullet Weight
Package Quantity
15 OR 24 PACK
Sabot Caliber
Bullet Diameter
G1 Ballistic Coefficient


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Very accurate bullet!

I've been using it the TMZ for over 10 yrs now, harvested many white-tails with this bullet. My order experience has also been dead-on! I got my late order within 2 days! Great bullet, great folks.

Ryan T
Great Bullet!!

I use 110gr of loose Triple7 powder with the Barnes 290gr TMZ in my Knight Bighorn. I have taken several deer, bear, bobcat, elk, and moose with this bullet. The elk was shot at 166 yds and it made it 30 yds after the shot. The bullet broke a shoulder bone, took out the top of the heart and was just under the hide on the far side. My moose was taken at 13 yds on a steep quartering to me angle. The bullet broke the shoulder and penetrated about 4 feet of moose. It's my "go to" bullet for everything. It does fit tight in some guns. I use the Barnes T-EZ in my TC Black Diamond.

barry b

I shoot a T/C Impact, and using 100 grains of BH209, (by volume), can easily achieve 1" groups at 100 yards.
I will add, though that the T/C has a very tight bore, and as such have to replace the factory sabot with MMP's HPH24 sabot.