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Authentic 18th Century Flintlock Musket Flints - 1 1/4 " - MZ1209

Authentic 18th Century Flintlock Musket Flints - 1 1/4 " - MZ1209

2 Pack of 1 1/4" English & French musket flints
Reliable and strong sparking authentic flints

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Muzzle-Loaders English and French Musket Flints are ideally suited for use in large-caliber muskets with larger sidelock mechanisms. These flints are authentically hand knapped and are composed of high quality sparking flint for reliable ignitions on every strike. The authentic shape and design are perfect for use in reenactments as well as general everyday shooting and hunting use.

To load a flint simply wrap the flint in a piece of leather and place the flint and leather between the jaws of the hammer. Gently tighten down the top jaw of the hammer until the flint is firmly clamped in place. To get the best performance out of the flints ensure that the striking edge makes perpendicular contact with the frizzen upon firing. Additionally ensure the leather piece is not interfering with the striking edge of the flint, trim the leather piece if needed. 

This flint pack comes with 2 authentic flints and we recommend carrying the extra as a spare when heading out to the field as it is always a good idea to have a spare flint on any shooting or hunting outing.


Hand Knapped